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19th-Dec-2011 07:10 pm - Resurfaced [Naruto FIC
A/N: I always love torturing Sasuke and making him have to fight for Naruto (; TIS FUN BECAUSE NARUTO WAS ALWAYS FIGHTING FOR HIM! HOW DOES IT FEEL NOW, SASUKE? HOW DOES IT FUCKING FEEL NOW! Ehem. Excuse my outburst and enjoy.

Warning: I don't even know. Very short. But I hope you enjoy c:

Chapter One: The Start Of It All
“Come back to me…” he whispered.
“… I can’t.” was his reply.
“Why can’t you!” he screamed out, grabbing hard onto the soft fabric of his shirt.
“Because,” the raven began, “my goal… it isn’t complete, yet.”
“You don’t need revenge to be happy!” the blonde cried. He was desperately trying to cling on to the only person he had left. “Don’t I make you happy?”
“That’s not the point… I have to do this.”
“No you don’t!” he choked out.
“Naruto-” he was cut off when he felt the blonde’s lips touch his. They shared a passionate kiss that was broken when the raven pushed him away.
“Sasuke…” he said softly, but the raven turned his back on the blonde. “Sasuke don’t go!” the raven kept on walking, “Please don’t!” he tried to run after him, but he tripped and fell hard on his face. Sasuke turned around, fighting the urge to pick the blonde up and wipe the dirt that was caked on his face.
The blonde looked truly pitiful. Snot and tears were running down his face, and the dirt was just adding on to his look of complete devastation.
“Sasuke I swear if you leave… I’ll hate you!”
Sasuke gave the blonde a sad smile, “Then hate me.” The raven disappeared into the night.
+Five Years Later+
The blonde rubbed the sleep out of his eyes. The rays of sunlight that seeped through his window weren’t giving him a chance to sleep. He yawned, ‘what was that dream just now…? It seemed so familiar.’ Naruto couldn’t remember what happened much over the past couple of years. Just bits and pieces were truly clear to him, the rest just seemed like he pretty much blocked out everything from that time. Why… he had no idea.
Naruto yawned and glared at the alarm clock that decided it was okay to blast its annoying chime. Sure it was cute, being green and frog shaped, but it was still annoying for the blonde to have to wake up to it every morning.
“Ugh! Damn alarm clock, shut up!” he threw his pillow at the frog shaped alarm clock, knocking it off the table. With a content smile, he pulled the covers over his body and closed his eyes, slowly drifting off to sleep. The moment he felt his self-drifting, he heard his door open, then slam, followed by loud stomping going on in his room.
“Naruto!” the intruder screamed, ripping the covers off the boy’s body. “Get off your lazy ass. We’re late!”
Naruto threw a pillow at the intruder. “Sakura shut up! I’ll wake up when I feel like it.”
Naruto’s act of rebellion made the pink haired ninja even angrier. “What was that, Naruto?”
“You heard me! I said I’d get up when I want to. Now let me sleep!”
Sakura was getting angrier by the minute. They were supposed to meet Kakashi and Kiba at the village gate for their next mission but Naruto refused to get up. Feeling her anger rising she grabbed Naruto by the foot and yanked him off the bed, causing the blonde to hit his head.
“Ouch!” he screamed rubbing his abused head. “Bitch, what do you think you’re doing!”?
“I think I’m waking up my lazy teammate!” she retorted as she stomped her way to the door. “Now get dressed; I’m not waiting for you any longer! If I get in trouble with Sensei because of your stupidity, I’ll kill you!” she slammed the door hard, causing some things from the selves to fall of the wall.
Naruto groaned, “Damn it, I swear she’s PMSing.” he said to himself. Getting up from the floor, he lazily walked to the bathroom and took a quick shower. After that he rushed to put on his ninja gear for the mission.
Grabbing his bento, he rushed downstairs, but not before stopping to admire the rose he kept on his dresser. Where it came from, he had no idea. It had just been there for a while and he never had the heart to throw it out, since it didn’t seem like it was going to die anytime soon. So, he just decided to keep it. After a couple more minutes of admiring, he ran out the door of his apartment.
Running through the streets of Konoha he resisted the urge to stop by his favorite restaurant Ichiraku Ramen. But he knew if he wasted anymore time Sakura would have his ass… literally. The only way he could make past the restaurant was by closing his eyes and pinching the bridge of his noise while running full speed past the place.
Finally, he arrived at the front gate and was greeted by pissed off teammates.
“Finally, Naruto, I thought you got lost!” A less than happy Kiba said.
“Oh he wasn’t lost. He was sleeping in.” Sakura growled.
“Now, now, guys. We’re all here, right? No need to bicker.” Kakashi said, doing his best to calm the rest of the group even though he could really care less if they ripped out each other’s throats. What he really wanted to do was look at the lewd photos he took of his lover the night before. They were finally printed and ready for use! However, he didn’t want to have to deal with troublesome things like explaining to Tsunade why his team killed each other.
“Yeah, what Kakashi said!” Naruto let out a smirk and folded his arms across his chest. “I’m here so let’s just start this mission already.” Naruto turned to Kakashi, “So what’s the mission for today? Baa-chan never told us!”
“Well, we’re actually going to a nearby village to pick up a secret ingredient. It’s for some medicine or something. Its effects are really powerful, so says the Hokage.”
“It sounds simple enough.” Sakura twirled one of her pink bangs. “Why do we need so many people though? If it‘s just for that, then the extra man power isn‘t needed.”
“Excellent observation, Sakura. Rumor has it that rogue ninjas guard the ingredient very highly. It’s going to take more than one ninja to get in through their defenses.”
“Well then… this sounds dangerous.” Sakura let out a sigh. She was hoping the mission would have been easier so that it ended earlier. She had so many things to do today, but sadly fate just wasn’t on her side.
Naruto smirked, loving the sudden thrill that surged through him at the thought of engaging in a dangerous mission, “Makes it all the more fun! Let’s go!”
+Far away…+
“Look at him. He’s grown so much over the past five years. Much more cuter.” the man said with a lick of his lips. “Don’t you think, Sasuke?”
Sasuke remained indifferent on the outside. “I don’t really care.” 
The man stared at the raven in disbelief. “Now that can’t be true. I know how you really feel Sasuke. You wish desperately to hold on to his thin waist. To smell the fragrance from his long, blonde curls. To make love with him.” he wanted to see a reaction from the stoic raven, just so he could toy and tease with his emotions. No matter how much the raven tried to hide it, he knew deep down how he really felt.
“I would have to disagree.”
The man smirked. “Be that way Sasuke, but you can’t lie to yourself.”
Sasuke didn’t say anything. But his gaze didn’t falter from the blonde that was currently chatting happily to his canine friend. He wondered what the blonde would say if he ever saw him again. Sasuke still remembered the night he left. How could he not? He was so close to leaving, and then Naruto came and did that and almost convinced him to stay. Almost, of course.
The man was right though. Over the five years Naruto had changed considerably, his hair brushed his shoulders, he was much taller, and his face was much more detailed; with his whiskers becoming more sharp and noticeable. Sasuke wished that he could have stayed to watch the blonde grow up.
But that couldn’t happen… because of his mistake.
His mistake… on leaving and letting the blonde grow to hate him.
And now their paths would cross soon, and all that would be left was hate.
Sasuke didn’t know if he could handle it, but he couldn’t back out now. Orochimaru wanted the herb before the Leaf Village could get it. If he failed… Sasuke didn’t even want to think about it. He turned to his partner Kabuto.
“Are you just going to stand and stare, or are you going to move?”
“Don’t be so pushy. We’re going.” Kabuto disappeared into the treetops moving swiftly as to not be noticed. Sasuke stayed a few minutes. His mouth was moving, saying incoherent words to no one but himself for that was the only person who would listen. With speed that could put lightning to shame he disappeared into the trees as well.
19th-Dec-2011 07:03 pm - Illusions & Roses [Naruto FIC]
 A/N: I've always wanted to write a club story with twists and turns and dark stuff-fa-fa. NBD
Warning: Alcohol, sex, dirty, dirty talk and a ItachiNaru/SasuNaru/Gaaru love triangle 8D.

Love's only an illusion until someone comes along and makes it real. 

Illusions & Roses
Chapter One: Let's Make a Bet, Otouto
A low whistle escaped the canine-man's lips as he stared out into the crowd. His fierce eyes were already adjusted to the dimness of the club, his body and sense of smell already used to the alcohol mixed with incense and sweat that always seemed to cling around him like a coat. The pounding of the bass that was reverberating through the speakers, at an unusually high volume today, ricocheted through his skull, down to his torso and out through his feet - but the sound to him was merely like the sound of raindrops hitting the pavement. It didn't bother him one bit.
The multi-colored strobe lights flew across the crowd, illuminating the peoples' faces in seas of blues, greens, purples, reds - you name it! From the looks of it, the canine could tell the crowd was having a fun time.
“It's packed tonight,” he literally screamed to his band mates who were only half-a-foot away. The music was loud, very loud, but it was all apart of the illusion.
“Kiba, it's packed every night.” The blond snickered, adjusting the neon-pink hair extension clip in his hair so that it was neatly in place. Falling to the side of his face just like any other bang would do.
“I know that, I mean it's more packed than usual, Blondie.” Kiba snarled, only to be laughed at and dismissed by the very same blond who was reapplying a redhead's make-up.
“Don't pay Ru any attention, Babe.” A teen with tattoos on just like Kiba, although Kiba's were red in the shape of fangs, while this teen's tattoos were more like purple war tribe paint. He lazily wrapped an arm around the brunet's waist and casually snuggled into the crook of his neck, fully resisting the urge to leave a nicely sized hickey on that tan, enticing, neck. “He's just itching to get into Gaara's pants after the show, that's why he's so snarky.”
“Shut the fuck up, Kankuro!” Ru growled, glaring bright blue daggers at the smirking teen. “Why not just leak out top secret government information to the government while you're at it?” the blond shook the eyeliner in his hand menacingly. You should never mess with a person who knows their way around eyeliner.
“Maybe I will, Ru. Or better yet, maybe I've already let the cat out of the bag and I'm just waiting around until government operatives burst through the door like confetti from a canon.” Kankuro smirked; highly pleased with the annoyed expression he was able to draw from Naruto, while he played with his boyfriend's dog tags.
“Ru, my make-up,” Gaara eyes were shut closed, one of them fully covered with black eye shadow and liner while the other one was waiting for the same treatment.
“Oops, sorry Gaara,” Ru replied sheepishly and hurried over to finish what he had started. When there was a reasonable amount of liner and eye shadow on the previously naked eye, he took a few minutes to admire his work and then leaned forward to place a kiss on the red-head's forehead, “Beautiful as always.”
The faintest of smiles appeared on Gaara's lips.
“Ru and crew, you're needed on stage in half an hour.” Their manager, Jiraya, walked past the band members lounging in the waiting room with a lit cigarette dangling from his lips casually. The ashes fell on the floor like black snowflakes, and Naruto frowned as his eyes started to track the ashes one by one to the floor. He had thought he told the old pervert to quit smoking months ago after his near death experience with the cancer stick.
`Apparently he has one hell of a death wish,' the blond shook his head and glared daggers into the back of the old man who was probably just smoking to piss the hell out of him - and it was working out fairly well. Suddenly, the need to fill his stomach with some delicious pre-gig ramen was becoming more apparent then thinking of ways to get Jiraya to drop that cancer stick like a bad habit.
Without really giving much of a warning - if his band mates really needed him, they could just call - Naruto left the dressing room in search for his ramen. He grabbed his coat by the back door exit and slipped it up, zipping it up about half way, before he stepped outside. The brisk October air felt good against his skin as he scrunched his body up to get more heat.
`They should really just keep a stack of ramen safe in a fridge somewhere.' His footsteps crunched against the few autumn leaves that were scattered around the sidewalk. The street was fairly empty, just a few couples here and there enjoying the wonderful, full moon, night. Once he entered through the automatic doors of the convenient store, Naruto made an instant beeline for the section where they kept all the ramen and grabbed at least ten of the stuff before buying it and walking out.
“Mmm… I can't wait to eat this stuff!” his mouth was watering just from the thought of those delicious ramen noodles being slurped into his stomach. His pace had turned faster than when he was walking to a store, that he was literally running back to the alleyway that led to the back entrance of the club.
“I swear, you're stomach acts more like your brain than your real one does.” Gaara was leaned up against the brick wall of the club, no coat on whatsoever because he really wasn't that cold in the first place. He smirked at that adorable pout Ru gave him, along with that rosy pink blush that stained his whiskered cheeks. Pushing off against the wall, he calmly walked over and took the bag from his left hand, while he grabbed Naruto's empty hand with his right.
“I was going to eat that, Gaara!” Naruto whined playfully, although he was going over the pros and cons of tackling Gaara right there and then so he could get his bag of ramen back.
Gaara just scoffed, not at all concerned with his friend's weird eating habits, and opened the door. He lead them down the hallway and too the right where everyone else had left to go backstage - leaving the two completely alone. Gaara flopped onto the couch and handed Naruto the bag, content on waiting for him to finish how ever many cups of ramen he had bought before leaving to meet the rest of their band mates.
Naruto bounced on the balls of his heat, coaxing the microwave to go faster so he could pig out already. `I'm going to pig out like a king tonight!' his stomach happily growled along with the thought and nearly did a twirl when the microwave went `ding' to signify it was done. He nearly ripped off the door with all of his exuberant force when he went in to reach for his ramen.
He blew on the steaming cup and walked towards the couch, plopping down awfully close to the redhead who was staring at him curiously. “I'm telling you, Gaara, ramen was definitely made by the hands of God himself.”
Gaara rolled his eyes, “Just shut up and eat, Ru.”
Naruto scoffed, but didn't hesitate to dig in anyways. Every a noodle would disappear into the blond's mouth, or dangle by the sides of his lip, Gaara wanted to do nothing more than to plunge his own tongue into that moist cavern. His eyes were completely trained on every single thing those devilish pair of flesh were doing. It was slightly erotic seeing Naruto eat ramen the way he did, although he was fairly certain Naruto was using his tongue seductively in means to tease the redhead.
And it was working fairly well.
Without much of a conscious thought, Gaara's hands went to dance through the blond's hair. It was growing longer. At a rate Gaara couldn't really keep track of. Only a couple of months ago and Naruto's hair barely skimmed his neck, now he had two front bangs that framed his face perfectly, and his hair was slowly starting to brush his shoulders. But what Gaara loved the most about Naruto's hair were those golden spikes that could defy gravity without even trying.
To most it looked like Naruto spent hours on end with his hair, but Gaara had been with the blond long enough to know that he pretty much woke up with gorgeous tresses and didn't have to do much with it to get it the way he wanted.
Soon his hands started to brush along the back of Naruto's neck, his thumb tracing lazy circles on the skin. His heartbeat started to thud against his ribcage, and his throat was getting thoroughly dry from the anticipation of what was to come. His fingers danced upwards to cup Naruto's cheek, causing the blond to turn at him with curious eyes.
The blond's lips twitched into a smile as he dropped his empty ramen cup onto the floor, his voice dropping to seductively low levels as he leaned forward to trap Gaara against the couch.
“You know… if you want to kiss me, all you had to do was ask, Gaara.”
Throwing all his resolve out the window, Gaara pulled the blond into a deep and passionate kiss that left the two absolutely breathless.
+Illusions & Roses+
“Little Brother, stop what you're doing. We're heading out.”
Sasuke looked up from his note sheets, slightly annoyed by the fact that his brother just barged into his room without permission. He was just in the middle of strumming, finding his melody and his older brother, Itachi, pretty much ruined that. The raven raised an eyebrow at his brother, who was currently leaning on the doorframe, wearing a long sleeve red shirt that excellently showed off his toned muscles, black skinny jeans with a studded belt, and black ankle boots.
“Why so fancy?” he asked, placing his guitar on the bedside.
“Because, Otouto, we're going out for the night.” Itachi pushed himself from the wall walking over to the smaller raven's closet; shifting through the clothing.
“I don't remember agreeing to going out with you.” the younger raven said stubbornly. His brother was always getting him into to situations he'd rather stay out of. Tonight, he wanted to stay home and strum away on his guitar thinking up new songs, but he knew he'd never hear the end of it from Itachi if he stayed.
“That's because you were drunk when you agreed,” Itachi stated pragmatically. He held up a dark blue, button down, long sleeve shirt and inspected it with calculating eyes. `Perfect,' he thought without hesitation and tossed it over to his brother. “Put that on.”
“Itachi, I'm not going.” he nearly whined, only that Uchiha's never whined but Sasuke was getting pushed to the point where he'd get on his hand and knees and beg to stay home. He wasn't what you'd call “a social butterfly” he was more of a “brooding moth” in his opinion.
“Sasuke, you are going,” Itachi demanded, he wasn't up for any retorts from his little brother. “If not, I'll just tell that pink haired girl Sakwhora you're cell number.” he grinned in a devilish way. “I'll also add in some nude photos while I'm at it.”
“First off, her name's Sakura… not Sakwhora.” Sasuke scowled, even though the amusement at his brother's name calling sparkled in his eyes. “Even though I'll commend you for such a creative nickname,” Itachi just shrugged, throwing a pair of dark pants at his brother. There was a smug look on his face after that compliment. “Anyway, are you really going to stoop that low just to get me to go out with you tonight?”
“Naturally,” Itachi replied without giving it much of a second thought.
Sasuke just let out a sigh and ran a pale hand through his hair. “Fine, I'll meet you at the car.”
+Illusion & Roses+
The pounding of the drums, the strumming of the bass, and the screaming of the singer's voice enveloping the club sent Sasuke into a headache. He gripped the side of his head and scowled at his smirking brother who was apparently enjoying himself. The crowd was a vast sea of leather clad men and women, everyone moved as one, finding anyone they could among the crowd to grind with. In Sasuke's opinion, it was more like they were having sex rather than dancing, but you know how people are nowadays, believing in one night stands and hot leather outfits.
“Did you have to pick such a loud place?” Sasuke literally screamed.
“You need a little change of atmosphere from time to time.”
“But a gay club!” Yes, that's where Itachi decided to take Sasuke out. Club Illusion, was the highest ranking gay nightclub in all of Japan, even though everyone, straight or gay, went to the club to dance the night away. Tonight though, and the club was packed with men of various sizes and colors wearing all sorts of clubbing outfits - most of them were leather though even though some chose to be different from the rest and decided that colorful outfits and light saber glow sticks were the way to go.
The two walked around the club, ignoring the glances they got from the rest of the crowd. For the brothers, getting glances full of lust or jealousy were a normal thing; like breathing or taking a shower naked. They couldn't go anywhere without at least one person taking a look towards their direction. Was it for their looks? Probably. Or maybe it was because the two were so abnormally pale; people mistook them for vampires and thought they were out from blood. Not like their fan girls would mine though, having vampire hotties were a good thing - it fueled their fan fiction creativity.
Sasuke ran a hand through his black hair, wishing he never agreed to come out tonight. He knew that soon people would be all over him and his brother to dance, or get autographs, or a combination of both. Yes, it is very possible to give an autograph while dancing; the brothers were pros at that. The raven just couldn't handle all the stress and noise and complete loudness of the place. So, being the brooding moth that he so proudly is, he walked over to a corner and planted himself there, refusing to move from that spot.
“Sasuke, what do you think you're doing.” Itachi walked over, handing his brother a drink.
Sasuke took it cautiously, eyeing the drink - even going so far as to inconspicuously sniffing it - just to make sure the drink wasn't spiked with anyway, before taking a huge gulp. The mild alcohol surged through the raven's throat making him feel all fuzzy and dulling down his surroundings. The Uchiha really did love his alcohol, in portioned amounts of course. “I'm getting my freak on in this corner. What does it look like I'm doing?” he replied sarcastically, taking another swig of his drink.
“It looks like you're being a wet blanket. Do you think I dragged you out here tonight for my benefit?” Sasuke gave him a questioning look that turned into a scowl at the sight of his brother's smirk. “Alright, so maybe it was for my benefit as well, but you're always in that bloody room of yours. It's not healthy.”
Sasuke finished off his drink and let out a sigh of relief. He could already feel the effects of the alcohol kicking in, the music seemed less loud than it was earlier, everyone in the crowd melded together in one big blob, and the muscles in his face relaxed allowing a sloppy grin to appear on his face. He sloppily punched his brother on the arm. “I don't need you caring about my health.”
“If I don't care, then who will?”
The question left Sasuke silent, it wasn't everyday that his older brother actually sounded caring, normally he`d just. He looked down at his glass, attempting to wash away the feelings of guilt that were slowly surfacing, only to be disappointed when he remembered he finished it off. Sasuke mumbled something inaudible, and his brother only chuckled.
“Did you guys enjoy that!” the announcer screamed from the stage as the band walked off. Everyone cheered and whooped and hollered minus the Uchiha brothers. “I can't hear you! I said did you enjoy that!” this time everyone's cheers of excitement got louder, meaning that Sasuke's pounding headache increased. “Awesome! We have one last performance for you all before we say goodnight.” the crowd's loudness dulled down to small whispers and murmurs.
The two brothers looked at each other exchanging quizzical glances.
“I'm happy to introduce our last act of the night. Give it up for The Roses!” The crowd erupting with cheers once again, but the brothers were still holding onto their looks of confusion.
“They’re called The Roses?” Itachi almost asked with a laugh. The younger brother just shrugged.
“That doesn't sound very interesting.” Sasuke leaned against the cool black surface of the wall already bored out of his mind and ready to drop asleep.
Itachi nodded and glazed over the stage. The Roses were already making their appearance sending the crowd into an uproar and Itachi could see why. Even from the back of the club Itachi could tell that they were all beautiful just like their names implied. What drew his attention the most, though, was the blond. Oh God, how the blond made him drool, and shiver.
Sasuke couldn't take his eyes off the blond either. He was completely entranced with the blond just like the rest of the crowd. Everyone in the band had something leather on their body. If it wasn't a leather shirt it was leather shorts or pants, if it wasn't any of those, they had some leather armband or something on their body.
The blond was the only one in full leather.
Leather shorts that gave you a very nice view and didn`t leave you too much for the imagination, a leather tube top that if you were close enough you could get a view of his nipples, leather straps, leather thigh high boots, all the works; and good God did that blond know how to work it. The two glanced at each other, both knowing exactly what was on the other's mind.
`I have to have that blond.'
“Hey everyone, how are you doing tonight?” the blond screamed into the microphone. Shivers went through their spines at the delicious voice that emitted around the club. They could only imagine what his voice would sound …gasping…moaning…screaming their name (Yes, the Uchiha Brothers could be classified as perverts with they way they thought). The crowd got even louder, some even attempted to climb onto the stage, but the red head that was standing protectively near the blond gave them a glare that could probably freeze Hell over and put the Uchiha's own glare to shame. “Hahaha,” the blond nervously laughed, “guess you guys are pretty excited!”
“I know I'm getting excited.” The brunet joked and winked to the crowd.
“That's because you're such a horn-dog, Kiba!” Kankuro joked back, wrapping his arm around the brunet's shoulders.
“You'd know wouldn't you, Kankuro.” Kiba asked seductively, purring into Kankuro's ear. The crowd went up with another uproar of catcalls and whistles at the flirting couple. Sasuke could figure out why they saved this group for last, they were the best by far with their sex appeal and they way the group effortlessly got the crowd energized. Even Sasuke could feel the excitement flowing through him.
“Oi! Save the sex for later guys!” the blond waved his microphone menacingly but the two only laughed at him. The blond pouted and turned towards the redhead, “Gaara~! Tell Kiba and Kankuro that if they're going to fuck do it behind closed doors!” he whined.
Gaara just shook his head and wrapped two arms around the blond. “Maybe later, Ru.” he simply replied.
The blond, Ru, just pouted and the crowd broke out into laughter.
“Blondie, so it's okay if you get all frisky with Gaara, but I can't get a tad bit hot and bothered with Kank? How is that even fair!” the brunet whined!
Ru just smirked and wrapped his arms around Gaara's neck, posing seductively. “That's because I have sex appeal Dog-Boy.” he winked then turned to the crowd. For a split second, the two Uchiha brothers thought that Ru was staring right at them. The thought that maybe, just maybe, the sensual blond was actually looking at them sent electric tingles down their spines. “It looks like the crowd is eating this up! But you all didn't come here just to see people get it on right?” the crowd cheered in response. “You've all come to hear us sing right!” the crowd's cheered even more. Ru turned to his band mates, “Let's do this, Roses!”
Multi-colored strobe lights danced around the stage and into the crowd as the music started to blare through the speakers. The sea of people started jumping up and down in time with the beat, and the brother's were slowly pushed into the middle of the crowd, to entranced in the slow, seductive, hip shakes of the blond.
“Guys, ready for this!” Ru purred into the microphone, slowly swaying his hips against Gaara's. The music slowly went into the intro as the blond starting to sing. His voice was the most… beautiful thing the Uchiha's have heard. They never expected to hear such a voice from the blond.
The blond jumped off stage and started to dance with he crowd, letting out little gasps and moans as people's hand snaked their hands around his body. Sasuke and Itachi were in the middle of the sea of people, standing… waiting for the blond to come over. The raven caught bright blue eyes staring into his onyx ones. It was like they were the only two people in the club.
Ru swayed his hips over and started to dance around the smaller raven. Winking, and giggling, trying to get the man to react. The alcohol decided to fully kick in at this time allowing Sasuke to get swept away in the moment. His hands found their way dangerously low on the blond's hips and started to grind him. His hips bucked rhythmically against the blond's leather clad ass, and he could feel the blond grinding back. The blond moaned the friction was unbearable; the heat, sweat, and the feeling of two bodies dancing closer together turned the blond on to new levels.
Itachi found himself almost drooling at the sight of his brother and the blond practically making love in the middle of the club. Don't think you can leave me out. He intertwined his hands with the blond and brought those tanned hands to his hips. Itachi quickly whispered something into the blond's ear and soon enough all three of them were grinding and dancing in an erotic tango.
Sweet kisses, and delicate sucking on the blond's exposed neck sent Ru's mind into a blur. He never felt such electricity, heat, passion, and erotic feelings in his life. He felt his eyes roll into the back of his head, as his head rolled back, releasing a throaty moan. There was just so much going on, he could feel the two's own erect members pounding into him from the front the different motions were sending him into pure ecstasy.
The whole crowd seemed to stop and stare at the dancing threesome that was happening. Even the band members couldn't take their eyes off. The three were emitting so much pheromone it was hard not to watch.
The song ended, the three remaining band members took their bows, and the threesome of dancers all looked lustful and tired. Ru placed a kiss on both of their cheeks and winked. “Thanks for the great work out. Almost jizzed myself there.” he finished off with a laugh and proceeded to run back on stage.
Itachi and Sasuke looked at each other; they could both see the lust and intrigue in the other's eyes. Their gazes lingered on the blond as Gaara helped him up on stage. Who, which irritated the brothers greatly, had his arms wrapped around Ru's waist again.
The band did their final bows, as the announcer walked on stage. “Let's hear it for The Roses, everybody!” the crowd flamed up with cheers, and even Sasuke couldn't help but clap. The band members walked off, blowing kisses to their adoring fans.
Sasuke glanced towards his brother. “Ru… he was…”
“Hot?” his brother finished the sentence.
“He was, more than just hot. He was… enticing,” he nodded to himself at finding the right word, “He reeked of sensuality … God what I'd do to hold that blond in my arms again.”
“Wanna make that a bet?” Itachi's smirk turned devilish.
`Oh God…' “What do you have in mind?” the smaller raven asked warily.
“It's nothing too extreme, just a little competition to see who will get Ru first.”
“What are the rules?” Sasuke asked automatically. His brother was always challenging him in some way, and there were always crazy rules that followed it.
“Hmm… first, we can't have sex unless Ru initiates it.” Itachi let out a shudder. “Even though I find it a huge turn off fucking someone who had your dick in them before I got to them.”
Sasuke let out a growl, but nodded anyway. The rule seemed fair enough, if Ru really wanted him, he would have to make the first move. “What's the second rule?”
“Secondly, everything's free games. Except for drugs. We say no to drugs.”
“But alcohol's okay?” Sasuke asked with a playful smirk.
“Alcohol's always okay, Little Brother.” Itachi mirrored the smirk. “Also, we have to follow a certain plan… if you will. First, it's getting his number, and then it's asking him on a date. Next, it's having sex. Then finally… one of us grows the balls to ask him out.”
“Why would that have to be last? Shouldn't that be like… third?”
“Silly little brother.” Itachi shook his head in shame. “After step number three: Sex, he'll be putty in our hands, meaning that if we ask such an intimate question like: will you be mine? He'll surely say yes without any hesitation.” he smirked at his brother, “It's all in the game plan.”
“You are… the devil himself.”
“Thank you,” he said with a smile. “Now then, we know the rules; we know the plan, now we need a prize.”
“Free bragging rights and open PDA for whoever wins.”
“Oh… I like that…” Itachi's smile turned devilish once again. He stuck out his hand and Sasuke shook it firmly. “May the best brother win.”
19th-Dec-2011 06:44 pm - Borrowed, Not Stolen [Naruto FIC]
Author's Note: This story was inspired by the word "Kleptomaniac" (:

Rating: M, as usual, for dirty humor and possible yaoi. This fic may need a little tweaking here and there...

Pairings: .... You know (;

Borrowed, Not Stolen
Chapter One: Hopeless Interrogation

“Lucky! I get to see your smiling face again, Sasuke-kun.” The blonde reclined lazily in his chair, a wild grin plastered on his face as he stared up at the not smiling expression of Sasuke Uchiha.
“How many times do I have to tell you not to call me that, Uzumaki?” Sasuke rubbed his throbbing temples. Naruto Uzumaki. The biggest kleptomaniac he had ever had the pleasure – that was sarcasm of course – to know. His files are chock-full of major heists he had pulled off that they had to dedicate a whole cabinet to this man. Yet, instead of going on bigger and better thefts, Naruto grew smaller and smaller with each larceny. Sasuke deemed it off as your regular criminal mind gone barmy. Though Naruto proved him time and time again that he wasn’t just insane. He actually had a fully functioning brain. Only the fool refused to use half the time. Or so it seemed.
“About as many times as you’ve told me to stop committing crimes,” Naruto deadpanned, although his grin quickly found its place once again. “And you know how well my listening skills are, Sasuke-kun.”
Sasuke shook his head, finding that this conversation was starting to take a turn for the worse. Naruto Uzumaki was probably the only man alive – and if there were more, Sasuke didn’t want to meet them – that could drive Sasuke Uchiha, master detective, up a gosh darn wall. So, he changed the topic of the conversation to more, pressing, matters.
“Why can’t you ever keep your hands to yourself?”
“Oh, Sasuke-kun. I never knew you were a man to talk dirty.” Naruto purred, licking his lips for emphasis. Sasuke quickly shot down the heat that mixed so well with the disgusting shivers dancing along his spine. “Well if you really want to know the reason why…”
“Give it to me straight, Uzumaki.” Sasuke warned, his eyes narrowed on the blonde who was currently attempting to not laugh right in his face.
“You know I'm nowhere near straight.” Naruto leered. And for the hell of it he even bucked his hips up in the air. He threw his head back in laughter when a evident blush spread across Sasuke’s face like wildfire. The blonde still got it.  “That was cute.” He sneered. “Seriously though, did you have to handcuff me? Unless you’re into that kinky stuff. Because that’s cool… and a turn on.”
“Is everything that comes out of that damn mouth of yours sexual?” Sasuke growled.
“Only sometimes.” Naruto winked, “You just happened to catch me on one of my hornier days.”
“You’re insufferable…” Sasuke muttered and slammed his hands against the table top. He was a freaking professional! A very well known, and successful, detective. However no means of poker faces, taunts, and carefully selected banter could prepare him for someone like Naruto Uzumaki. The kleptomaniac was one of a kind in terms of personality and infamous status in the criminal underworld. At only age eighteen he was known for stealing the priceless Cleopatra’s Eye that was going to be on exhibit. Although all the clues had pointed to him the boy still managed to evade the law, and soon the case was dropped. Just like that. By age twenty-one he had already made a name and legacy for himself as the youngest thief to ever keep under the radar for so long. It was like the man was a ghost. Disappearing and reappearing whenever there was something shiny he wanted to get his hands on.
That was… until he stepped down from his pedestal and started going for low-rate objects rather than go for the bigger game.
“Admit it. You find that incredibly sexy about me.” Naruto purred. He pouted though when he realized his sexual jab had no affect on the hard mask Sasuke had placed. Huffing, Naruto figured out that play time was over and Sasuke would no longer answer his taunts unless they strictly went against the interrogation. ‘Party pooper…’
“Explain to me why you stole this—,” Sasuke held up a rather shiny, glittery, necklace that had the blonde’s mouth watering in a matter of seconds. “—again? I highly doubt you like to cross-dress in your spare time.”
Naruto scoffed, “You don’t know what I do in my spare time.”
“Actually I do.” Sasuke raised his hand up; issuing that Naruto kept his trap shut if he knew what was good for him. “You make my life a living hell because you don’t have any restraint when it comes to that five finger discount!”
The blonde gasped as if horribly offended and even pouted, eyes watering as if he were on the verge of tears. “Ouch, Sasuke-kun. That one actually left a mark. Right around my heart… Kiss it and make it better?” he added with a wriggle of the eyebrows.
“I have half a mind to throw you in a prison cell right now.” Sasuke hissed. You know you want to take up his offer… Why? Why must the unethical part of his mind sound so… enticing? Damn it all.
“What is the other half of your mind saying?” Naruto asked hopefully. Perhaps he would be getting some action from the raven today. He mentally scoffed. Naruto may seem stupid, but he was rather perceptive when it came to things like figuring people out – their mannerisms, personality, etc. And right now, Sasuke looked like he was about to shove that lamp on the table half way down his throat.
“If I told you I’d have to kill you.” Sasuke smiled devilishly, though it turned into a scowl when Naruto simply rolled his eyes and snorted.
“If my guess is correct, I'm pretty sure the other half of your mind was planning on killing me anyways. So your threat is null and void.”
Sasuke’s eyes widened slightly at how aloof and insipid Naruto’s remark was. Normally he would have fired back with something sexual, or even a fake jab that he was actually injured by the man’s words. Oh no… this Naruto in front of him, indifferent and lacking any real interest frightened Sasuke somewhat.
‘Did I step on a mine without realizing it?’ Sasuke shook that thought out of his head and threw it in the trash the minute it appeared. ‘Why do I even care? The man’s a criminal! So what if I trampled on his feelings a little? The man was pissing me off anyways…’ his thoughts lacked any real fervor, though.
Sasuke cleared his throat; the tension still clung in the air though. “That wasn’t what the other half of my mind was thinking…” he lamely defended himself. The look in Naruto’s eyes told him that he was no fool.
“There’s no need to lie.” Naruto shrugged his shoulders carelessly. The handcuffs rubbed his wrists the wrong way and he had to fight back the urge to hiss out loud. Never show your enemy – no matter how hot he is, especially in those khaki pants – that you’re weak. It gives them openings to cut you up even more. Allowing that boyish wonder to once again appear in his eyes, Naruto smiled. “Do you mind taking off these handcuffs? I swear I won’t make a go for your crotch. Well… maybe a little fondling...”
“Are you a molester on the side too?” Sasuke easily evaded the topic of releasing Naruto and the fondling bit.
Naruto gaped like a fish, only to close his mouth shut. “I'm offended that you would make such an accusation! I would never touch someone that wasn’t willing and if there wasn’t any love in it. But really. Who am I to start going on about my values?”
Sasuke snorted, keeping whatever berating comments he had to himself. Naruto could be very docile if you were on his good side. Get him mad though… and it was like you were dealing with a demon on your hands.
“I'm going to give the store their necklace back.” Sasuke started. He noticed the way Naruto sighed as if he were truly disappointed, but Sasuke could tell by his body language that he really didn’t care if he gave back the necklace or not. Strange.
“Damn. And I was looking forward to giving that to my mother too.” He sighed wistfully, batting his eyelashes towards the stern-looking detective.
“Don’t start that bull with me.” Sasuke shot back.
“Not my real mother, dip shit.” Naruto shot the tennis ball right back into Sasuke’s court. “Jeez. Can’t a man try to crack a joke once in a while?”
“Not when that joke is an outright lie.”
Naruto shrugged, “I found it funny.”
And here comes the insane part of a criminal’s mind. Sasuke always found it a rather fascinating thing – the criminal’s mind that is. He always pondered for hours on how they thought what they thought. How the ideas to steal and kill got planted in their mind. Was it the music they listened to? Their family background? Or perhaps they just wanted the thrill that being good couldn’t give you? Sasuke never believed in that last part though. He thought that something had to be sewn for an idea – a belief – to grow. Either someone planted it for you or your background and people around you had a heavy influence.
Naruto though. Was a different case from all the other insane whack jobs Sasuke had met in his line of work. As far as he could dig up on the man’s background, Naruto had no other parents to look up on since he was orphaned. When he was orphaned never came up though, but normally parents had a huge influence on you. Judging from Naruto’s personality, the man was always set on his ways and wouldn’t easily be influenced by a friend’s opinion. And the man had a blatant disrespect for authority unless he could get some use out of them. Basically speaking, Naruto was a hard man to sway. Still, there had to be some reason behind his thefts.
“Why do you even steal in the first place?” Sasuke asked casually, though his eyes were analyzing every single thing Naruto’s body did that would contradict with his words.
Naruto smiled lazily, finding himself getting a tad hot and bothered by Sasuke’s gaze. “If you moved those eyes a little lower you’d find a very nice surprise…”
“Alright, alright, I get it! Sheesh! Take a joke, man.” Naruto shook his head in mock sympathy that had as much humor as a dry wall. “Would you believe me if I said I love the thrill of borrowing?”
“You mean stealing.” Sasuke deadpanned.
“No. I meant borrowing. I take the objects, sell them, and then give whatever price the original object was back to the people I took it from. So can you really call that stealing?”
“Thank you for explaining your logistics. But I asked you why you steal.”
“Borrow,” Naruto fixed the man’s ‘mistake’.
“Stealing,” Sasuke narrowed his eyes. And thus the battles of wits begin!
“Okay, so maybe I lied about the thrill.” Naruto cracked down after five minutes of being held under the heavy gaze of Sasuke Uchiha. He loved making the man angry though. He was freaking hot as hell when his onyx eyes smoldered with a fiery passion. ‘If only I could get him to look at me like that in another way…’
Sasuke snorted, “Obviously.”
“Hey! Let me finish here. I do have a reason for… stealing.” Naruto scrunched his word at the tone. In his mind he never actually stole anything because he always gave the money back to replace it. Granted, most of the things he stole were one of a kind, but he always thought the people would just find a more, valuable, object to replace what he took. It made sense in his mind. “However, I don’t feel like you deserve to know.”
“What?” Sasuke was practically seething by now. The minute he was close to a breakthrough Naruto had to turn around and shut him out. Again. This man was about to punch a hole through the wall if this continued. “Why not?”
“Because my reasons are for me to know and for you, my cute little detective, to find out,” Naruto happily answered, a cheeky grin plastered on his face. “I could become more lenient, though.”
“I'm not going to start gambling with you, Uzumaki.” Sasuke retorted, gulping when he saw that predatory gaze in Naruto’s eyes. This was all a game to the man, and Sasuke could see that very clearly.
“Oh please, Sasuke. I'm not looking for a gamble. Rather, a trade off. I tell you my reasons and you take off these pesky handcuffs?” Naruto flashed a smile of a true gentleman and wiggled his eyebrows. “How does that sound?”
“It sounds like a load of bull.” However Naruto was opening a door here that he could finally add to his scarce background information on the once master thief. Would you call it an obsession when a man uses all his resources to find out more about a certain person? If so, than you can freely call Sasuke Uchiha an obsessive person. He was constantly trying to find more and more about the man in front of him. Trying to find the pieces to the jigsaw puzzle that made Naruto well… Naruto. The man was a mystery in itself. And that not only fascinated Sasuke, but made him a little weary as well.
“Suit yourself.” Naruto shrugged once again. “I can always start singing you know? I just got this song stuck in my head, and I think its some opera I heard on TV before. Anyways, whenever I get the urge to sing I normally sing loud and proud.” If that didn’t get the man to comply with his wishes, then Naruto didn’t know what would.
Sasuke visibly blanched, knowing far too well how ‘great’ Naruto’s singing voice was. The last time the man had sung opera, Sasuke had to go the hospital in case his eardrum was ruptured. Thank God it wasn’t but…
“Fine.” He replied curtly and went to the back of the chair. He fished for his pocket for the key and jammed it into the lock; the handcuffs unlocked with a clink and fell to the floor. “Now tell me—”
Sasuke found himself straddled by Naruto who was currently snapping the handcuffs safely on the man’s wrists. The blonde smirked victoriously, rather pleased with himself that he was able to get the stone-faced detective to fall for his trap so easily. Not only was he free, but he could also grab the necklace and play with Sasuke for a little. Man life was just too good so times.
“I love it when you’re gullible…” Naruto purred seductively in the man’s ears. Enjoying how much of a shiver he got in response. He slowly started to move his hips back and forth, listening to Sasuke’s breath hitch. The blonde chuckled darkly, sliding his hands up the man’s shirt and started to run his fingers along the man’s sides, across his chest, and playfully brushed over a nipple.
“U-Uzumaki,” Sasuke panted, feeling an annoying erection starting to form. How the hell did he allow himself to fall for easily for Naruto’s charades? It had to be the eyes. Definitely. They were way too blue and way too… too… innocent to belong to such a conniving devil.
“I love it when you moan my name, Sasuke-kun.” Naruto leaned in to nip at the man’s reddening earlobe. Hearing the man’s labored panting in his ear called Naruto to back off for now. Like he said before, he didn’t like to touch people he had no feelings for and weren’t willing. Sure, he was attracted to the man. But that was most likely his dick doing all the talking. Smirking, Naruto trailed his lips down to the man’s cheek and placed a soft kiss on the blushing skin.
“As much as I'm enjoying this right now, I must bid you farewell.” Naruto chuckled as he got up from Sasuke and watched the man struggle the break free. Way too cute. “Oh! I hope you don’t mind – although you probably will – but I'm taking the keys to the handcuff and the diamond necklace with me.” Naruto smiled as if he was an innocent angel sent from above and started to make his way to the door. “I wouldn’t recommend moving too much. Those handcuffs are a bitch. And you’ll probably be here for a while. No worries though. I’ll tell someone about your predicament…” in a softer voice – that Sasuke still heard – Naruto said, “That is… if I remember.”
And the door was shut close. Leaving behind a very angry and horny Sasuke handcuffed to a chair. Man… Life could be such a bitch sometimes.
19th-Dec-2011 04:40 pm - City of Towers [Naruto FIC]
Author's Note: I won't go into much detail with these stories, but for this one my inspiration came from Togainu (Is that spelled right? o.o) no Chi (: I loved the whole idea of fighting within the city tainted with drugs and killings and all that dark jazz. This story will have its light moments and its dark moments. Either every other chapter will be a log, just chapter one/prologue being a log, or sporadic logs. Or maybe a mixture... I don't know. If you're logged in, leave comments. If not then just vote for this story on my poll! 

Rating: Most likely M for coarse language, violence, blood, and yaoi.

Pairing: SasuNaru and others. 

Game One—Rules: You’re Going to Die.  

When we started this game, all we were looking for was the thrill—a rush. Nothing more and nothing less. We weren’t concerned that we had somehow managed to cheat Death five times. We didn’t care that our actions had somehow spiraled into something… more. A game that could literally chain us up right with Death’s scythe in hand.                                              

We were bored

We were naïve.

We were kids.

A terrible combination.

Everyone contributed. Neji hooked us up with our playing field—an abandoned city on the outskirts of our village. Its original name was Quarantine Zone.

“That’s a shitty name,” I said.

“Then change it,” Neji fired back.

And I did. The City of Towers—that’s what I called it. The name stuck.

Gaara came up with the rules. Winner becomes King. Losers are his subjects. The rules were simple. We fight in a controlled environment using a system Shikamaru created by himself—I’ll explain that later. We can use weapons, the only exception being we can’t use guns. There was a safe ground, the middle of the city where the broken statue that was once a symbol to the fallen city stood. Later on, though, when our game became worldwide, the safe ground had to be made larger and expended to the downtown district of the city. We fought. Blood was shed. We nearly died once or twice. It was like our brotherhood, our camaraderie we shared, was nonexistent. Banished. We fought for the crown, the title, the glory. Our bloodlust peaked. And, more then once, I thought I was going to lose myself to the beast inside of me… But, I’m not getting into that until later.

Now onto Shikamaru. He created the environment; everything.  From the synthetic air we breathe, to the environment changes like the seasons and how difficult or simple the terrain we battle on is. He is the eyes, the ears, the mouth, and the body of the city. Some people had the gall to call him God with the way he knows everything. Shikamaru would shrug them off. He knew he was nowhere near being God.  

Then there was Kiba. The insane bastard was the one who suggested you have to kill at least one person in the game.

“Come on, dude. You can’t expect people to follow you as King if you haven’t killed one person.”

We all looked at him as if he were psycho—and he was. The game changed him—it changed us all. Sometimes in a bad way, and sometimes in a terrible way.

We never added that rule, but Kiba somehow managed to find a loophole.

“Kiba…” I looked at the horrible disfigured body on the ground. Twisted limbs and strewn out guts. I poked the body with my foot. “You killed him.”
Kiba looked offended. “Please, I found him like this. Natural causes happen all the time.” They don’t, not in Shikamaru’s world, but we did nothing to stop him. And that’s one of the many things I regret.

I guess I should get to the part focusing on my input of the game in this log… I’m telling you it’s not a good story. What I’m about to tell you… is real. The people in this log who you’ll come across were real and are still living, dead, or wishing to be dead. The world we created was Hell on earth, and we were just the souls thrown in there for judgment.

I’ll begin my story in the next chapter. A tale about a blonde, a group of friends, and one annoying raven.
8th-Oct-2011 08:00 pm - Painful Reality-Part 3
Title: Painful Reality
Pairing: SasuNaru
Rating: PG-13 (for now)
Summary: Naruto awoke in a field bathed by stars with a raven looking over him. In this world, there was no more pain, no more beatings. The reality was only a fairytale now. In this new world, Naruto gets to experience the one thing he never truly had... but how long can this reality go for until it shatters?

A/N: Here's chapter Three :)! Only two more parts left and possibly an Epilogue?

A Painful Reality

Part Three

The next thing I remembered was that painful look in his eyes.

Naruto's stomach started to growl in protest from the lack of attention. "I wonder if they have any ramen?" although Naruto knew that question loud and clear. If he really wanted that delicious substance he'd have to go into town and go to the restaurant himself. "Eh," he said with a sigh as he hopped off the table, "might as well find some money and go out then."

After searching for a few spare yen from the couch, and Sasuke's respective wallet, Naruto was ready to go out for the night. He walked through the backyard, enjoying the complete difference in scenery. Itachi had told him once that from all his trips around the region he always had to bring something back from his missions. So in the end it turned out with the North, East, West, and South areas of the mansion decorated like some other country.

Right now, Naruto was walking through the Wave Country. Leading from the porch was a wide boardwalk with a humongous pond underneath it. To the far right was a huge waterfall that the blonde had yet to explore but wanted to do someday.

Depending on how many days left he had in this world…

He was nearly out of the gate when Sasuke appeared, worn out and seriously pissed off, in all his stoic glory.

"Hey, Sasuke, welcome back!" Naruto grinned happily. It was always better to eat ramen with a friend rather than all by yourself. It gives you a chance to mooch more money off of them that way. "How did your mission go?"

Sasuke ran a tired hand through his hair. Normally he'd be over the moon – on the inside – when Naruto greeted him with such a carefree and happy look. He loved seeing Naruto happy, because in someway it made his heart skip a beat and one of those unusual smiles came out to play on his lips.

But tonight was a totally different story.

"Where are you going?" Sasuke completely ignored the question, his eyes steeling over as he flipped his ANBU mask to the back of his head.

"Oh, well, I was planning to go out to eat tonight. Wanna come with me?"

The raven stared long and hard. For a moment, Naruto thought that Sasuke was having some inner battle between himself on whether or not to take up the offer. But that only lasted a few seconds before he saw that usual smirk on his face.

"Fine, but you're paying for the meal."

Naruto smirked right back, "That's okay. This is your money anyways."

I remember the way the truth hit like a ton of bricks.

"No. More. Dobe!" Sasuke hissed, trying to pry the half empty bowl of ramen from Naruto's fingers but with no avail. For God's sake Sasuke had been training as a ninja since he could walk yet his strength wasn't even close to comparison to Naruto's.

"Just let me finish this last bowl!" Naruto said in between slurps. It felt like absolute ages since the blonde had tasted such good food! Sure, the Uchiha's mansion was stored with food now that they had an extra member in the house, but other than that nothing they had could make Naruto's stomach whir in anticipation like the wonderful taste of ramen could.

"That's what you said about the last five bowls you had!" Sasuke clenched his fists, feeling the electricity of his anger flow through his palms before his eyes shot open. No, he wouldn't use that technique just because of his horrible temper problems.

Pinching the bridge of his nose, Sasuke exhaled a breath or two before calming down. "Alright, fine, whatever just finish the bowl so we can go already."

Naruto slurped down an extremely long noodle, a bit of the soup splattering on his cheek. "We're going somewhere?" he asked as he doused his last bowl, sighing contently as the contents of the meal hit his stomach with a warm thud.

Sasuke just smirked, "Did I not just point that out, Dobe?"

"Oi, who said you could adopt that name for me anyways, Teme?"

The raven shrugged, paying for both their meals with the money Naruto had and hopped off the stool. He peered over his shoulder and smirked, "About the same time you decided to was a smart idea to run with a kunai in your hands down the stairs." His smirk increased when he saw that adorable pout mar his face, and a reasonable blush adorn those whiskered cheeks.

"I thought we made a promise to never bring that up again!" Naruto whined as he caught up to Sasuke's pace in a run. The raven sure had some long legs on him.

"I don't ever remember making that promise, Naruto." The raven chuckled, feeling all the tension from earlier slip away. Mind you, he was still chewing on the inside of his cheek, and his hands that were stuffed in his pockets were clenching and unclenching into fists, but other than that he felt slightly at ease around the blonde.

'I don't think I've ever felt this calm around anyone before.' He thought as he took a chance to glance at the blonde. The cool night air was whipping the blonde's hair every which way, and it was highly enjoyable to see Naruto pout and whine as he tried to swat his hair away. Oh what Sasuke would give to be able to run his fingers through those golden tresses, to get tangled up in that hair during a passionate… kiss?

'I want to kiss him?' His eyes trained on those plump red lips that Naruto would abuse anytime he had to think extremely hard. He thought of how much he wished to dig his own teeth into those lips and suck and pull until he had the blonde pleading for mercy. Sasuke shook his head to dispel such thoughts, currently fighting down that blush that was attempting to attack him at full force.

'I cannot fall for him. I will not fall for him. I cannot.' He told himself over and over again. Naruto wasn't from this world. He was an outsider, an anomaly that piqued his interest. Or so the raven wanted to believe, but he couldn't stop those pesky feelings that always surfaced whenever the blonde was around.

'But I can't fall for him… Not when he'll soon be leaving…'

Naruto raised an eyebrow – another skill he obtained from the raven – at Sasuke's recent silence. Obviously something was eating at the raven's mind from the way he walked with tense movements and a serious expression on his face. Naruto frowned. He hated seeing Sasuke so out of it. It made him want to do something to change that frown into a smile.

An idea popped into his head, and a good one at that, as he stopped in mid-walk. He giggled when he saw that Sasuke just kept on going and going, not even noticing the blonde's lack of presence. Naruto allowed at least a decent amount of space between them before he bolted from his spot and ran up to hug the raven from behind.

Sasuke was caught by the surprise with such force that both boys were knocked to the ground in a thud. The wind was knocked out of him, and he nearly flipped the blonde over and pinned him down until he caught that infectious and lively smile that he had grown so accustomed to in the past months.

"Smile, Teme." Naruto grinned from ear to ear as he started to tickle the raven's sides. "A frown causes wrinkles and you're too young for that!"

Sasuke laughed. Not from the tickling. Oh no, those fingers sent electric sparks up and down his spine. What he was laughing from was the complete bliss that soared through him whenever Naruto would say that ridiculous nickname. It felt like he was on cloud nine, and for a moment all his worries had drowned out in the laughter that danced along in the night.

"Thank you." Naruto said quietly into the night.

Sasuke raised an eyebrow. "Why are you thanking me?"

Naruto sighed and rested his head on Sasuke's chest. A few months ago he was so afraid of such contact, but now it felt right to be touching the raven like this. "For not leaving me alone back there…"

Sasuke's arms wrapped around Naruto's lower back and hugged him tightly. He didn't want to let go of the blonde. He wanted Naruto to stay with him in this world forever. Where they could laugh and be happy. And where the blonde could never experience the pain he felt upon entering this world ever again.

But their happiness was very short lived…

I remember that face that looked exactly like mine.

"I've brought him, Yondaime." Sasuke bowed respectfully, concealing his voice of any emotion as he raised his head to stare face to face with his Hokage.

"No need to act like a robot, Sasuke." The Yondaime chuckled and walked around his desk to lean on the front of it. He cocked his head to the side, his golden locks falling to frame his face, his blue eyes dancing with amusement, as he eyed the blonde look a like that was giving him the 'fish look.'

"Sorry," Sasuke replied almost sheepishly.

Naruto was absolutely astounded. If he thought he was in a totally different world before, his mind practically exploded at the older look alike in front of him. There was no way those two couldn't have been somewhat related, or if the world he was in now somehow had an alternate copy of him.

Either way, Naruto was pretty fucking speechless.

"Is this the boy who you couldn't stop talking about, Sasuke?" The Yondaime smirked when he saw blushes erupt on both boys face. How adorable. "Well, it's nice to meet you, Naruto Uzumaki." He extended his hand for the boy to shake, "I am Minato Namikaze, the Fourth Hokage of this village."

"Whoa! I never thought I'd be able to meet you! It's kind of freaky, huh? I mean, we both look a lot a like! It's sort of like you're my older brother or something!" Naruto nearly squealed with excitement as he gripped the older man's hand. He had always wanted an older brother. Someone he could depend on to protect him from the ferocities of the outside world.

The only person he ever knew that came closer to be called a brother, died.

Minato's blue eyes flashed a bit of sadness that only last for a few minutes while he gripped his look a like's hand. "Right… brothers." He muttered quietly before smiling brightly and ruffling Naruto's hair. "Outsider or not, I welcome you with open arms into my village and I will assist you in anyway possible. Now then, if you will, I did not have Sasuke bring you here just to meet you. Please do take a seat." The Yondaime's face turned serious as he walked back to his chair, his chin propped on his knuckles as he stared at his fellow ninja and look alike square in the eyes. "We have a lot to discuss."

And then Reality hit…

"As Sasuke has told me, you have no recollection of what happened before you arrived in this world, correct?"

Naruto fidgeted in his seat. It felt like someone had jabbed him underneath a microscope to be dissected and probed for examination. He chewed on his lower lip until he thought he was drawing blonde under the heavy gaze of both the Yondaime and Sasuke. What he told them was mostly the truth… When he woke up he really had no idea how he had gotten there in the first place. But when those first few spikes of pain erupted throughout his body, he instantly remembered.

He squinted his eyes shut, trying to block the painful memories as his body broke out into shivers. Naruto had wanted to tell Sasuke sooner or later about his life prior to arriving here; he just never got around to doing it. Either the ninja was out for a long mission, or he was trying to help the blonde become more accustomed to the new world he was in. Overall, Naruto's hidden past had stayed hidden under layers and layers of dirt until this very moment.

Yet just thinking about his past made Naruto want to curl up into a tiny ball…

Sasuke's whole body cringed when he saw those dusky blue eyes tinted with pain. He wanted so desperately to just pull Naruto into his arms and hide him away from all his pains and troubles. But what he couldn't wrap his mind around was how distant he felt from the blonde although the two had grown primarily close over the past couple of months. He had tried to ask Naruto about his past, only to come up with a shrug and the adverting of blue eyes whenever the question popped up.

After that, Sasuke had dropped the question completely. But the curiosity was still there, always haunting his mind.

"Is something wrong, Naruto?" Minato looked at the blonde with compassion in his eyes. The sudden change of emotions didn't slip past the Fourth Hokage. Obviously there was more to the blonde than what he could decipher at the moment, but he learned from years of experience that you should never push anyone further than needed. And Naruto seemed like the person that would only talk when ready.

Clearing his throat, Minato flashed the blonde a small smile. "Alright, we'll safely assume that you awoke with no memories of how you arrived here. But, I would like to know if you have any intentions of leaving here."

"Leaving?" Naruto's voice piped up at the word. Never had the word even crossed his mind while he was here. He actually had hoped that, if this was some sort of dream, to never wake up and just live here with Sasuke and Itachi for the rest of his life. He shook his head furiously, his golden locks flying every which way. "No, I never really thought of going…"

"I see…" Minato smiled calmly and allowed his bangs to fall around his face. "That's good to hear, but what of your family, Naruto? Wouldn't they miss you if you stayed away for too long?"

"Parents?" Naruto's tone of voice dripped with mockery. "You mean the two people who dumped me in a box to rot in Hell with a bastard of an uncle?" the blonde's voice started to escalate higher and higher as his anger flooded through his veins. The thought of his parents always sent his adrenaline pumping in all the wrong ways. He had already given up on the fact that there were people out there that were looking for him, waiting for him to come back, after all those birthdays he had spent alone in a bloody corner awaiting for the day to be over.

Both Minato's and Sasuke's eyes jumped forward at the cruel intensity in the blonde's voice. Sasuke's even more so because the only time Naruto ever allowed such hatred to enter his words was when the raven was doing something that annoyed the daylights out of him. But even then the hatred was child-like and barely anything to take notice about.

These words though, that were directed toward the two beings that had brought the blonde into this word held such malice that Sasuke nearly felt his heart freeze from the iciness.

The Yondaime let out a labored sigh, trying to piece together his thoughts and words before he spoke. He glanced up from behind his bangs at the blonde look alike who still didn't seem unfazed by such an outburst. Either Naruto just didn't care, or he was so fired up that he didn't feel any self-consciousness from his statement.

"Those are very strong feelings to have, Naruto…" Minato started out slowly, "But I must say that all parents have a reason for their actions. Perhaps there was a foundation of love behind all of this."

Naruto's eyes steeled over with all his pent up hatred and fury. "Is Love what you call leaving your only son to the mercy of your abusive Uncle? If so, then oh yes… there was definitely a lot of 'Love' in their actions."

The next thing I remembered was the comfort of his voice.

The blonde sighed as he idly swung his legs back and forth on the porch swing, completely lost in his own world. He had never expected to create such an outburst like that, especially in front of the Yondaime.

'Way to go, Uzumaki.' Naruto let out a low sigh as he watched the evening sky begin to mix with the hazy purple of oncoming nightfall. He had been sitting here for hours, blocking memories and wincing at words he wished he had never spoken. He was more or less also trying to avoid the raven who he knew would ask him a million and one questions for his actions today. Naruto barely had the resolve at the moment to answer one question, so he escaped into hiding.

"Have you ever noticed that when you're lost in thought you gain cute little wrinkles above your eyebrows?"

"Itachi?" Naruto leaned his head back to look up at the smirking older raven above him. Oh well, Itachi would be better to talk to at the moment than Sasuke in the blonde's opinion.

"Who else would it be?" Itachi scoffed and placed himself besides Naruto on the swing. "I heard about what happened today. I must admit, I'm a tad bit surprised."

"Was I really that bad…?" Naruto couldn't bear to look into those crimson eyes and forced his own irises to stare at the wooden floor.

"Not bad, per say. It was more like astounding – in a good way, of course."

Naruto cocked an eyebrow, highly confused by Itachi's choice of words. Sure, the blonde hadn't said anything insulting to the Yondaime, but his tone of voice and actions towards him were highly disrespectful. Something Sasuke had chewed him out on before storming off somewhere. That's why Naruto was sitting on the porch swing by himself.

"How is it astounding? I completely blew up on the Hokage! What if he didn't smile it off and decided to kill me right there and then?" Naruto dropped his face into his hands and groaned at his inability to control his emotions. "I'm so screwed…"

The older raven chuckled. He was debating right now if he should allow Naruto to wallow in his despair for a few more minutes, say something completely unreal to throw the blonde off even more. After a few seconds of going over the pros and cons, Itachi decided to give Naruto some much needed leeway and settled on neither of his first options.

Instead he decided to be fairly civil and try to cheer the blonde up.

"You're worrying yourself over nothing, Naruto. If the Hokage was truly upset with your lack of control, he would have issued Sasuke and I to put you on lockdown until further notice." Alright, Itachi… maybe cheering people up isn't one of your better skills.

"Thanks, Itachi. You make me feel so much better." sarcasm dripped heavily off of Naruto's words as he idly kicked his feet back and forth.

"I try," Itachi smirked, completely ignoring the bit of sarcasm. The older raven sat himself down on the swing next to Naruto's and started to kick up tiny clouds of dirt. They sat there on the swingsets, soaking up the golden rays of the evening before Itachi finally broke the silence. "So what made you snap?"

Oh Itachi... always the gentlest when stepping on a self-destructive topic.

The blonde's grip tightened around the chains holding the swing's seat up. He had steeled himself, prepared, rehearsed every line for when someone (hopefully Sasuke) would ask him that same question. And, after awhile, he thought he had come up with the perfect answer. A long-winded, but heart-jarring and tear-producing story of his past before he got to this world. Unfortunately, all those delicate words and fabricated sentences had been wiped clean from his memory. Now he was gaping like a fish.

Smirking, Itachi titled his head back to gaze at the mixing oranges and yellows of a summer sky. "Won't tell me, huh? You don't have to push your self. It was a stretch in itself to get you to open up to me." he smiled warmly as he saw the hurt and guilt cross of Naruto's face. Leaning over, he brushed a feather's kiss on the blonde's temple. "Now don't look like that; you're face will freeze that way. I expected this, more or less, and I understand. That's why I brought someone here who you'd probably feel more comfortable opening up to..."

As if by magic—which really wouldn't be too surprising considering the world Naruto had fell into—Sasuke appeared. Fists shoved deep into the tunnels of his pockets, eyes adverted to the side out of embarrassment, and a slight scowl marred his face as he walked towards Naruto.

"You missed dinner, Dobe." Sasuke was all sorts of smooth if you haven't noticed.

Itachi groaned silently and rubbed his temples at his brother's lack of tact for anything dealing with human's emotions. "This isn't how we rehearsed it, Otouto."

"Neither was that kiss!" Sasuke shot an accusing finger towards his nonchalant-looking brother. Jealously was pumping wildly through his veins and Sasuke didn't even know why yet. "Where the hell did that come from?"

Itachi smirked, "Jealous I got to kiss him first, Otouto?"

Sasuke was literally fuming, smoke rising out from his ears, he was holding back every gyrating impulse to pounce his brother and knock him senseless. He opened his mouth, prepared to disagree on so many levels when the sound of soft, sweet giggles floated around the air.

Naruto had his head thrown back, chest heaving in puffs, as the laughter trickled from his lips and painted his whiskered cheeks in a rosy hue. Bubbles of delight were floating up, up, up in his stomach at the new feeling of actually being… wanted, in a sense. No one had ever really taken the time, or the energy, to care for him. To fuss over him in the way the Uchiha brothers were and it made him extremely giddy to know that they showed he at least had some space in their hearts.

Which meant a lot considering the Uchiha brothers weren't necessarily known for their kindness.

"What's so funny?" the older raven folded his arms across his chest, a trimmed eyebrow arched high in the air.

Gasps of air escaped his mouth as Naruto tried to calm himself. "It's just… it's nice, you know? I've never been the object of someone's jealousy before. It's weird but… in a good way."

Sasuke and Itachi shared glances. Now their curiosity had inflamed even higher…

"Come on," the younger raven grabbed Naruto's hand and pulled him off the swing. He was tugging the blonde along the dirt path up to their spot. He needed to know everything about Naruto. To his slightest fears to the things that made him tick, smile, joyful. Naruto was the puzzle he couldn't figure out until the missing puzzle piece allowed itself to be found. The image was clearer, the lines becoming sharpening, and Sasuke thought he could see every, little detail about Naruto...

"Where are you taking me, Teme Sasuke was walking pretty fast and Naruto, more than once, was stumbling along the way.

Sasuke turned his head to look back at the flushing blonde and smirked, "Our spot."

Then, I remembered the moment when the key unlocked everything...

They sat with their knees touching and their hands still clasped, but not intertwined. The sun was melding behind the giant rock formation, blending the evening colors into a whirlpool of oranges and reds. Words, they needed to be said though neither boy could think of the sentences and letters to form. Silence was their companion resting heavily on their shoulders. It dared them to break it.

Finally, Sasuke spoke.

"Back when I was little, I was the biggest brat around." He didn't know why he had started out that way, or even if this train was going to go anywhere. It just… fabricated on his tongue and flew out of his mouth before he could even take them back.

"Can't say anything's different now," Naruto cracked a smile.

Sasuke rolled his eyes, scoffing at Naruto's immature jab. "I thought I was better than everyone else in my class. I purposefully alienated myself from the group, too. 'No one is as good as me,' I thought. 'So they don't deserve to be near me.' I learned, though, that I needed people around me if I ever wanted to be successful. I wasn't very open, but I became at least somewhat tolerable to be around."

"Why are you telling me this…?" the words blurted out of his mouth and Naruto quickly looked ashamed, stammering over his sentences, "I-I uh, I mean. Not that I don't mind you being so open to me. Really," he kicked his feet back and forth, back and forth, "but… why?"

The raven merely shrugged his shoulders nonchalantly, "I just felt like sharing that. Naruto, I trust you. So I don't mind sharing the little details about me that not many people know."

Subtly, Sasuke was trying to push open that envelope, the final door, slide in the key, and let Naruto know he could truly open up to him. Sasuke had already vowed to himself that he would do everything in his power to make Naruto happy—to protect him from all the sadness and darkness that still lingered in that pure heart of his… He squeezed Naruto's hand a little tighter, and with his other hand brushed a few strands of blonde hair from those beautiful, blue eyes.

"M-My parents… left me on my uncle's doorstep when I was just a baby." Emptiness. It lingered in Naruto's words, leaving a horrible sickening feeling in the pit of his gut. The reality hit him hard and fast. Right I his heart where he thought was already steeled and numbed to the real life. "I never knew them, and honestly I don't think I want to know them. My uncle was an alcoholic, though he managed to keep his intake low when I was a kid. Then one day… he just snapped. I think it's because he lost his job that day, but when he came back it was around one in the morning and he was pissed. He called my name, slurred and angry. I was scared at first, but I went outside my room and answered anyways. I remember walking down those steps… my stomach vaulting up to my throat, as I got closer to him.

When I was at the bottom of the steps he grabbed me by the hair and threw me to the ground—hard. That was my first beating from him, but not my last. He found out that beating me up was a wonderful stress relief and would use me as his personal punching bag. Day in and day out my body had the word 'Pain' littered all over it in the form of bruises and scars that I don't think will ever disappear…"

To prove his point, Naruto rolled up his sleeve and showed the darkened bruise that went from his wrist and snaked up to his elbow. "That's from the stove." Naruto grimaced. His skin relieved the burning he had experienced so many years ago. Sasuke's fingers gently stroked the burn and Naruto instantly felt the heat slipping away… "Over the years his beatings became spaced out. One week he would leave the house and never come back until Sunday night. Other weeks I wouldn't be so lucky. I remember one night he had thrown me out of the house naked to suffer the freezing cold for my 'back talk' and wouldn't let me in no matter how much I begged. I was ten, I think. Nearly died of Hypothermia too."

"That's why you carry a pocketknife with you…" Somehow, someway, Sasuke's arm snaked around Naruto's waist and his hand was now resting comfortably on Naruto's hip. Closeness, perfect comfort, that's how their bodies perceived it as Naruto instinctively moved in closer for more warmth. "Did your uncle… touch you?" the question burned on his tongue and made Sasuke's blood boil at even the prospect of such a heinous thing happening. Optimistically, he thought that Naruto's uncle would never touch him that way. The boundary line of morality couldn't be that blurred…

Naruto's silence spoke heavenly volumes.

"I'm going to kill him!" Sasuke seethed. His hands were clenched in fists and murder glowed heavily in his eyes. "That fucking bastard will taste the wrath of my blade!"

Blue eyes stared up at him sadly as Naruto slowly shook his head, a small smile teasing his lips. "Don't. It's… You can't… I've tried so many times. And every time I stop myself because I know it isn't right. That's not me. I would be stooping down to his level if I just killed him." Naruto placed his head on Sasuke's shoulder a little awkwardly, it was an impulse, really, to get as close to the raven as he possibly could. Sasuke wasn't showing any adversity to it. In honesty he was encouraging the affection.

Nimble fingers twisted and swam through spikey golden locks that had grown a few inches longer over the past few months. "You're never going back there…" Sasuke whispered darkly, squeezing Naruto just a little bit tighter. "I won't let you go back there. Not back to that place…"

The blonde chuckled slightly, his heart growing warming and bleeding with emotion he couldn't really describe… "Leaving this place was the farthest thing from my mind, Teme. So you don't have to worry about that."

"Good. I don't think I could handle you leaving my side." An uncharacteristic blush scribbled across his face. When in the world did I get so cheesy? And then he realized something… He had changed. It wasn't a small one, but it wasn't exponentially huge either. Sasuke would have never put this much time and energy into another human being if they weren't Naruto. His heart never constricted painfully at the thought of someone touching or doing sexually immoral things unless it was Naruto the acts were being done to. He never had this strong urge to go out of his way to protect another person, to make them smile and Sasuke had no idea why. The foreign feeling was causing his heart to go insane, thumping erratically against his chest as he stared down at Naruto's face; memorizing every line, curve, and dip until they were firmly imprinted in his mind.

Naruto's grin had eaten half his face by now as he hugged the raven tightly, the same foreign emotion that was rampaging through Sasuke was attacking Naruto as well. "You're such a sweet guy, Sasuke!"

"Shut up, Dobe. You're pushing your lucky heavily right now."

"Oh please. What are you going to do to me, huh?"

"… I'll kiss you."

"Yeah, right. Why don't you try—Wait… what did you say?"

"I said… I'll kiss you."

"W-Why?" Naruto was the book definition of flabbergasted right now as he tried to read Sasuke's intentions… he came up depressingly empty.

Sasuke shrugged, hoping to play off indifferent. It was failing. "Itachi kissed you."

"Aw, you're still jealous!"

"I am not!"

Naruto cackled and poked the raven's cheek. "You so are! Admit it, Teme! You're soo jealous Itachi got to kiss me and you didn't."

"It wasn't even on the lips!" Sasuke retorted, slapping that offending finger from his face. "So why would I be jealous?"

"If you weren't jealous then you wouldn't have brought it up." Oh, Naruto was good.

Folding his arms across his chest, Sasuke silently fumed. He knew he was jealous. It was so obvious to him the minute he saw his older brother kiss Naruto. He had wanted to punch the living daylights out of Itachi—though such a thing was a rather comment thought, this time he thought he actually would do it. He took a sidelong glance,

"Would you let me kiss you…?"

A little off guard by the question, honestly Naruto thought Sasuke would have just kissed him already and be done with it, Naruto answered in a quiet voice. "I… wouldn't mind. Though, I suck at kissing."

"Lips still a virgin?" You wouldn't even have to see Sasuke's smirk, it sang loudly through his words.

"You're such a bastard!" a punch delivered to the shoulder followed shortly afterwards.

"So can I kiss you or no?" Sasuke was leaning closer and closer to the blonde's lips…

The distance between them was growing shorter and shorter…

"Y-You're already leaning in…" Naruto's hands were placed firmly against Sasuke's chest. They thumped and pulsated, moving to the steady tempo of the raven's pounding heartbeat. 'So loud...' he thought idly as his own heartbeat was amplified in his ears tenfold.His breath hitched in his throat, Sasuke's lips were only a few inches away…

Strong arms were wrapped around the blonde's waist. Onyx and blue eyes fluttered to a close as the inevitable dragged itself closer and closer…

Timid lips touched each other. They shyly pressed together, neither one knowing how far nor how slow they should take the interaction. Time seemed to stop. The world tipped off balance. Pulses raced erratically and the only thing either boy could think of was…


They pulled back synchronized, faces flushed and lips red and slick from their kiss. Naruto's eyes fluttered open and watery blue clashed with piercing onyx. Before he could speak Sasuke pulled him into a bone-crushing hug, a gesture he returned without any hesitation. Clutched in his arms, Naruto felt his heart soar just a little higher…

He didn't know if they were still friends or if this kiss had sent them traveling on a road with no turning back. Naruto didn't know what he wanted from this kiss at the moment, but what he did know was that he never wanted to leave this world or Sasuke's side. He would be content simply staying on this rocky platform for the rest of his life as long as Sasuke was there with him.

"Great first kiss, huh?" The raven could never resist making a jab…

Naruto shook his head wildly and smirked, "You're one hell of a bastard, Sasuke."

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7th-Oct-2011 06:22 pm - A Painful Reality-Part 2
Title: Painful Reality
Pairing: SasuNaru
Rating: PG-13 (for now)
Summary: Naruto awoke in a field bathed by stars with a raven looking over him. In this world, there was no more pain, no more beatings. The reality was only a fairytale now. In this new world, Naruto gets to experience the one thing he never truly had... but how long can this reality go for until it shatters?

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A Painful Reality
Part Two
The next thing I remembered was the ticklish summer breeze…
Naruto sat on the porch swing, an empty lemonade glass in one hand and a manga sprawled against his lap. He was so utterly bored! He blew away a stray blonde hair that was attacking his eyes and sighed when he saw that night was slowly descending and Sasuke still wasn’t home.
‘That bastard, he thought as he picked up his contents and entered the Uchiha mansion. It had been approximately two months since Naruto had entered this strange world where humans trained as skilled ninjas and monsters and beasts co-existed peaceful with everyone. Although to the blonde, it only seemed like a week or two since he had met Sasuke in that star bathed grassy field.
Naruto placed his empty glass in the sink and stored his manga away for some other time. Sitting on top of the counter, Naruto allowed his mind to wander back to the first month of his arrival. To say things were hectic back then would have been a complete understatement. It had taken our little blonde at least three days to get used to Sasuke’s constant prick-like attitude. And another four days after that to be able to get from his room, all the way down to the kitchen and back without getting lost.
Two weeks later and Naruto was ready to tackle communicating with the other people from this world.
The first person he met by chance was Hidan. Normally, Hidan was at the Uchiha mansion everyday since he was Itachi’s lover and faithful battle partner. But Naruto was never allowed to leave his room when the man was around. At first the blonde was highly offended. Sure, he was an outsider of sorts, but he was a nice guy!
“Sasuke, let me out of this damn room already!” he cried, banging on his door with his newly healed hand.
Sasuke clicked his tongue and casually leaned against the door on the other side. Seriously, Naruto’s threats and yells were mere child’s play to the raven. However, it was always the defiant and rebellious side he found himself somewhat attracted to.
“Naruto, we’ve been over this five times now. Whenever Hidan’s over you can’t leave your room.” He pinched the bridge of his nose and let out a long sigh. “It’s merely for your own protection.”
“Protection from what?!” Naruto cried only to be responded with the sound of Sasuke’s footsteps walking away. The blonde pouted and huffed, sliding down the door into Indian style on the floor with his arms crossed against his chest. Now he was insanely curious about this Hidan character. And there was no way in hell he was just going to sit there and miss out on anything this new world could offer him.
Smirking deviously, Naruto quickly drew up a map in his head of the Uchiha mansion’s third floor. At the end of the hallway was the enormous library filled with books from the different beasts and deities in this world all the way to how to cook the most delicious ramen. Naruto had read that book, and actually done the dish, in less than a day.
Then, right across from his room was Sasuke’s. The raven had demanded – more like insisted – that Naruto be roomed somewhere close to him so that if anything were to ever happen he could easily get to Naruto and save his ass from trouble. Although Naruto was highly against it at first, he couldn’t help but feel that warm bubble of happiness float through him at the thought that someone actually cared enough for him to put his needs and safety first.
The determined look on his face, and the gentle reassurance a simple hand gesture on the shoulder had Naruto furiously shaking off a blush to return to his plans.
After Sasuke’s room leads stairs that go to the second floor which is primarily Itachi’s floor since he was an ANBU Captain and apparently needed a whole floor for himself for important ANBU needs. In Naruto’s opinion he just thought Itachi loved to live in the lap of luxury and milked it for all it was worth. 
“And If I crawl out the window, there’s a tree just a few feet away that I could probably jump to.” Naruto started to search for his shoes – which were more like sandals but they were still pretty comfy – and once he found them snagged his pocket knife and stuffed that safely away in his pocket.
Just feeling the cool metal instrument in his pants pocket made him feel instantly a lot safer and more confident about what he was going to do. It was a little strange, that such an object could bring about such emotions, but to Naruto his pocketknife was literally his tangible hope that before he felt like it was all he needed to protect himself.
Sasuke though had begged to differ.
The next thing I remembered was his touch.
“Naruto, why do you always carry that weapon around?” the two were walking down the streets of Konoha, enjoying the busy yet somewhat peaceful Saturday afternoon together as they hopped from store to store. Sasuke was highly curious about why Naruto was so on guard all the time that he felt the need to carry such a tool. He felt a little insulted that Naruto didn’t trust him enough to protect him as he promised.
Sasuke had one major ego. And it was the type of ego that was easily wounded and would do anything to fix its status.
Naruto just shrugged off the question, more interested in the colorful looking masks on one of the shop windows than answering Sasuke. The raven gritted his teeth, holding back a snappy comment as his annoyance level peaked to new heights.
Watch your temper, Sasuke. The raven rolled his shoulders back and let out a deep breath before catching up to the blonde in mid-stride. He hated to beat around the bush, just as much as he hated people who ignored his questions out right. Sasuke abruptly grabbed Naruto by the arm and dragged him to a nearby alleyway, holding onto him tightly and ignoring his yelling protests as they ran down the alley.
“Sasuke, where are you taking me?” but Sasuke just kept running and running until they reached his destination. He pushed open the hidden door, and ran up the stairs with Naruto being forcibly tagged along.
“Here,” Sasuke finally answered, smirking in triumph at the complete look of awe that devoured Naruto’s face. The perfect spot, he thought when he saw Naruto run up to the edge of the mountain top to peer down at the village below. “This is the Hokage Mountain where we pay tribute to our leaders by carving their faces into the mountain.”
“Sort of like Mount Rushmore!” Naruto connected the dots, brimming happily at the connection, only to frown at the confused look he was getting from the raven. “Never mind,” he mumbled and plopped down to the ground. “So… why did you bring me here all of a sudden?”
Sasuke sat on the ground gracefully, leaning on the palms on his hands as he stared out into the sunset with the blonde sitting contently by his side. “Well, you never answered my question about that weapon of yours. So I decided a place like this might help you unwind and tell me.” He cocked his head to the side, onyx locks falling to perfectly frame his face. “Was I wrong to bring you here?”
Naruto shook his head furiously. A bit of shyness seeping through his body caused him to bite onto his lower lip. “No… you weren’t.” he smiled sheepishly, “It’s just that this seems over the top just to learn something about me.”
“It doesn’t seem that over the top to me.” The raven stared at Naruto with hard midnight eyes before softening them with his grin. “I’d like to learn more about you as all. And if that means I have to take you somewhere to do it, I will.”
Then, I remembered the happiness dancing along with other feelings flowing through my body.
Naruto’s body trembled at those light fingers danced across the back of his neck, toying with the end of his hair. Sasuke may be a prick half the time but there were the rare times when Sasuke showed his soft side. Naruto was just lucky that now was one of those times.
The touch felt so foreign to the blonde that he almost winced away from it. When hands touched him, it was to grope and hit, not to caress lovingly and to reassure. When soft words were spoken, they were poisoned with malice and hatred, not with a delicate softness traced with speckles of kindness.
And when eyes bored so deeply into his own pair that he felt like he was going to melt, it meant that he should be trembling with fear rather than from this weird source of pleasure that caused his senses to tingle alive.
Naruto let out a sigh, unconsciously leaning into the comforting touch as his eyes fluttered to a close. His hand reached into his pocket to grab his pocketknife, instantly feeling that wave of comfort wash through him as he gripped onto the metal object. He pulled it out and rolled it in his hands.
“It’s not really a weapon…” Naruto spoke softly, “but more like a safety precaution.” He sighed once more. “You see, where I come from… well, it wasn’t a very nice place. It was basically fight or be beaten to a bloody pulp. I could have been attacked at any moment, so I started carrying this pocketknife along just in case.” He shrugged it off like it was some nonchalant thing, or like he didn’t just lie through his teeth.
In reality, Naruto was telling the truth, just a fabricated version of one. His eyes drifted closed at the horrible memories that were tugging on his mind. The nights he would spend curled in the corner trembling, body covered with bruises and blood stains, completely naked to the world, with his hands outstretched and his pocketknife gripped tightly in his hand.
He would scream and scream, hoping that vile person would just leave him alone. He would scream till his voice went raw. He would tremble and cry and pray to God that the torment would finally be over…
And for the meanwhile… it was.
Naruto didn’t know it then, but silent tears were falling from his closed eyes as the memories swarmed in his mind like muddy water. Just then, warm and strong arms surrounded his torso and enveloped with another foreign feeling that he couldn’t place. Sasuke buried his face into the crook of Naruto’s neck and held him tightly. For now, he’d allow Naruto to play him as the fool, because he knew there was more to Naruto’s explanation than meets the eye.
But for now, Naruto needed the comfort, Sasuke could see that much, and held onto the blonde until the stars came to dance in the sky.
I remember the feeling of his touch…
Naruto smiled at the pocketknife as he balanced himself on the biggest branch of the tree. He was currently staring through the massive window that would allow him access into the second floor.
“Alright, Uzumaki, all you have to do is swing from this branch with enough force to knock open the window.” Honestly, the plan seemed more real in his head than it did in actuality. But the blonde was a trooper. Getting himself ready for the jump, Naruto gripped tightly onto the branch, propelling his body back and forth to gain momentum before launching himself off and perfectly knocking the window open.
And then I remembered the moans.
What Naruto walked in on next would forever be engrained in his mind.
“You’re so fucking tight, Itachi!” the voice groaned as he shoved his cock right into the hilt of Itachi’s entrance. Drowning himself in the enormous waves of pleasure that rocked through his body.
Itachi met the man’s movements with every thrust, raising his hips to dig that delicious cock further and further into his body. Every time his prostrate was struck and every time Itachi threw his head back, eyes rolled, and moaned in complete pleasure.
Naruto nearly jumped out the window.
“Dobe, I told you not to leave your room.” Sasuke suddenly appeared in a hushed whisper. He placed one nimble finger against his lips to notion the blonde to be silent or else they’d be disrupting their ‘activities’.
After that embarrassing moment, Naruto was dragged back to his room where he formally met Hidan, Itachi’s lover. However, neither Itachi nor Hidan let on that they noticed Naruto the minute he swung in through the window. The two just liked the thought of having an audience view them once in a while.
Naruto made it a habit to not go against Sasuke’s orders unless they were truly ridiculous.
7th-Oct-2011 11:45 am - Bonds [Fic] Chapter Three
Hottie, fer, sure

Title: Bonds
Pairing: SagaxShou (and possibly more to come)
Rating: PG-13 (for now)
Summary: Bonds are the things that tie you down to someone. They're invisible to the naked eye, but strong and very hard to break. Once you're trapped there's no escape.
A/N: Wow, I tell you guys I'll update next week but now you get something two months later... ;_;! Aha, I feel terrible! School got in the way soooo much, but today I have a day off so I'll post a new chapter of Bonds today :). In this chapter, Saga gets a little wake up call... hehe (:
Chapter Three: Jealousy
Saga rarely got distracted during practice. It was always: "What do I need to do?" and "How can I get this done?" Music was his passion. He devoted his time, energy, thoughts, and ideas into making Alice Nine's music the best it could be, and then some. So, on the day that the contest winner advertised in the local magazines stopped by for a private look inside a typical day with Alice Nine, and started to get just a little too close to Shou... Saga snapped.

No, chairs weren't flipped and a fan girl wasn't rushed to the hospital (though, In Saga's mind, he imgained the girl getting hurt in humorous but cruel ways...). Inwardly Saga had snapped. A nerve had come undone. His heart had twisted into uncomfortable positions. His mind traveled the trains of thoughts that were linked to an emotion colored in green...

And Saga didn't even know why.

'I know why...' he answered himself, watching with narrowed eyes at the brunette who was chatting amiably with the fan. 'It's because Shou got the cute girl. It's always Shou the fangirls want!' Now really, Saga. Don't even try to fool yourself. Deep down, he knew his conclusion was ridiculous and definitely not the true reason why his stomach threatened to come out his throat.

"Wow, Saga. Glare any harder and that fangirl might just burst into flames."

"Not now, Tora." Saga growled, craning his head left and right around Tora's body. The guitarist had placed himself right in front of him! "Move, damn it!" he snapped and pushed the man out of the way. Tora didn't even budge.

Tora smiled wildly as he shook his head in mock sympathy for the bassist. "You are too obvious. But Shou's an idiot sometimes, so it's no surprise he's not aware of it."

"Of what? My glaring?" more head craning but Tora was doing a damn good job of being a blockade. "Will you move it, already! You're blocking my heated glare."

"Don't act like you have no idea what I'm talking about. Just about everyone knows you have the hots for Shou."

"... Excuse me?" Okay, so Saga was stunned. It was like Tora just walked up and bitch slapped him. Which he did do, once, but that was a while ago. Saga had the urge to scoff, pffffft, and then roll his eyes. "Okay, now you're just being stupid. I don't like Shou. As you can see I'm trying to glare at him."

"No you weren't. You were glaring at that fangirl over there, not Shou. That's why I came over here before you made a fool of yourself..." Tora smirked, "Seems like I'm too late for that."

Saga looked up at that smirking bastard before him and punched him in the gut; hard. "You deserved that! Now go fuck Hiroto or something. Or better yet, go annoy Nao! Isn't it 2 o'clock? You normally tease him during that time of the day."

"Hiroto's busy with the producer and Nao had to leave early for some family emergency or something." Tora shrugged carelessly. "So you're my prime target of the day until you admit the fact that you're jealous of that fangirl!"

The blonde refused to admit anything just to please Tora. The bastard was getting too cocky for his own, damn good. "I am not! I'm glaring at--wait, did that girl just touch his shoulder?" Saga jumped out of his chair, eyes widened, as he watched Shou interact with the fangirl. She was all over him like flies to pie. Loud, obnoxious giggles, long eyelashes fluttering every five seconds, and subtle touches were being placed all over Shou and the brunette was just standing there...taking it... in fucking stride!

"Now, now," Tora grabbed Saga by the shoulders to hold him back. The blonde wasn't even aware he had started to walk forwards towards the two until Tora stopped him. "Shou has to be nice and civil for the fans. It's for the image. But see how you're reacting?" the guitarist couldn't help but rub in the fact that he was right about Saga's jealousy if only for a little bit. "You're getting jealous of what she's doing to him. And how he's reacting to it. You totally have the hots for Shou."

Saga tensed slightly. There was logic in Tora's words, Saga knew that. He just didn't want to acknowledge it. All these months of being single, straying from Love, and just focusing on the music were coming undone, like fraying strings. How come Shou could so easily tear apart all the defenses he had constructed without even trying? How long had these emotions been inside of him that he just never bothered to become aware to...?

'I don't think I want to know the answer to that...'

Pulling back, Tora jammed his hands in his pockets knowing fully well his words had the desired affect. "See now? I was right. You were wrong. Now stop being anti and go for it!"

Saga shook his head, feeling a slight numbness cake into his bones, as he gave a weak glare towards Tora. "All right. I'll humor you a little. Let's say I do like Shou--"

"You do," Tora grinned like the Cheshire Cat.

Saga groaned, "--If I do like Shou, what in the world makes you think I'll stand a chance getting him? In case you haven't noticed Shou's rather popular with the ladies."

"Do you honestly think I'd be pushing you in this direction if I wasn't confident Shou felt the same way?" the guitarist shook his head, opting to walk away and find Hiroto for some sweet loving. He threw one last glance over his shoulder, "Seriously, Saga. You're such an idiot. Think a little."

Stunned. Absolutely, fucking, stunned. Saga couldn't even move. No, he really didn't want to move. Moving would be acceptance as the words Tora had just thrown at him battered into his head. He was jealous of the fangirl being all over Shou, because he liked Shou, and Tora knew Shou liked him, and that's why he was so encouraging... Saga groaned loudly and clutched the sides of his head. He was getting such a headache...

"Coffee," he mumbled as he walked back to the chair to pick up his bass and sling it over his shoulder, "I need some coffee."

Little did he know that chocolate brown eyes were watching his every step as he walked out of the recording studio...
Lying on the couch, Saga had spent the past two hours counting all the little specks of black he could find on his ceiling. So far, he was up to twenty-three.

'I don't like Shou.' the first five times he had thought such a thing, he didn't find it very convincing. Well, more like his heart didn't find his thoughts very convincing since every time he said the brunette's name it would start pounding loudly against his chest. 'Really... I don't. I don't like anyone. Shou's just a friend. Only a friend. Nothing will come out of our friendship except great music, lots of laughs, friendly hugs... He gives such warm hugs.'

Thankfully--or maybe unfortunately--the doorbell rang, interrupting Saga's chaotic train of thought. With a mumbled curse, Saga got up from his couch and padded over to the door, slipping on his gray sweater over his torso before he answered.

"Ello?" he answered casually, opening the door that revelead a very, odd-looking, Shou.

"I tried calling you." Shou simply said. He ignored Saga's blatant surprise painted on his face. "Five times, to be exact. You never answered..." the last few words were in a whisper, as if he were hurt that Saga hadn't answered the first time.

And strangely enough, Saga did feel bad. But rather that was only a customary response to unintentionally not answering someone's call, or because it was Shou was another mystery in itself. "Sorry... I, er," he fished through his black pajama pants and pulled out his cell phone. No charge; dead. A sheepish grin marred his face as he stuffed his phone back into his pocket. "My phone was dead Sorry... again."

Shou smiled, and it brought back the tiny light in his eyes that Saga always found himself getting lost in... "Typical. You always forget to charge your phone... So can I come in? It's pretty cold out here and I don't want to die on your doorstep because of Hypothermia."

Saga cracked a smile of his own. "Jeez, you're so freaking dramatic." He opened the door wider for Shou. "Come on in."

The two men were sitting on the carpet, both deciding to watch a movie out of sheer boredom. They had picked one at random, something that was already playing on television that they didn't know the name to. So far it had been funny, at moments, and then other times just painstakingly slow.

Saga wasn't even paying attention to the movie, though. The whole time his eyes had travelled over to Shou who was completely enrapt in the movie, it seemed. He watched every movement. The way he would flick his brown locks out of his chocolate eyes. The way he would chew on his thumb whenever an intense part of the movie came on. And the way Shou would laugh loudly and full of life as if the jokes and situations were actually funny. 'No matter what he does, he's always so passionate about it.' Saga could have sworn he saw Shou tear up once or twice when a character died...

Finally, a commercial came on advertising a new brand of Pocky and Shou had turned just in time to lock gazes with Saga.

'Damn it...' caught red-handed...

Shou analyzed the blonde man for a moment, his expression betraying nothing--which scared the crap out of Saga--before speaking. "You know I'm mad at you."

"Huh...?" Saga shook himself out of his stupor. "What the hell did I do in the past two hours?" Was he somehow aware of his staring...? Though, Saga wasn't really making it not obvious...

"After band practice you didn't even talk to me once!" Shou exclaimed, throwing his hands in the air. "Do you know how taxing it is having to deal with a fangirl by myself? That girl was so clingly I thought she was going to jump my bones after you left!"

"She was the contest winner. And you did put yourself on the sacrafical table when our boss asked which one of us wanted to be the prize."

"I know! But still Sagachii, I wanted you to, I don't know... come save me?" he said the last part quietly, adverting his eyes from Saga's. If Saga was optimistic enough he was going to say that Shou was... blushing.

Saga felt his heartbeat kick up a notch as he studied Shou once again. His fingers twiddled nervously, and the brunette was taking sneak glances at him... The blonde didn't know why, but he felt happy that the whole time Shou was talking to that fangirl, he wanted to talk to him. A smile followed shortly after. "Next time you put yourself in a dangerous situation, I'll come to save you."

Shou whipped his head around, slight shock painted on his face, before a goofy grin appeared and his eyes lit up once more. "Promise?" he asked, sticking out his pinky finger.

The blonde shook his head chuckling, linking his pinky finger with Shou's. "Yeah, yeah, I promise."

"Good!" Shou jumped up from his seat, brushing some dirt off his backside. "Well, I'm no longer mad at you and my mission here is accomplished." he walked towards the door, a little bounce in his step. As his hand gripped the cold door handle, Shou turned to give Saga once last look. "Oh, and before I forget... We're going out tomorrow night, just me and you. Think of it as a little compensation for you ignoring my five calls. Later!"

Shou slammed the door on his way out, and once again Saga found himself alone and stunned... It seemed like today was one for realizations and surprises...

"Do you honestly think I'd be pushing you in this direction if I wasn't confident Shou felt the same way?"

'Maybe Tora's really on to something...'

Thump, thump, thump-thump-thump,
went Saga's beating heart.

A/N: Well, there we go. Saga's finally becoming aware and next chapter something might ACTUALLY go down :). I don't think I'm rushing their relationship TOO much, right? Lol, I think this story will be done in two more chapters and hopefully I'll have this updated sooner :D! Leave a rainbow, show some looove!

4th-Oct-2011 07:59 pm - Painful Reality-Part 1

Title: Painful Reality
Pairing: SasuNaru
Rating: PG-13 (for now)
Summary: Naruto awoke in a field bathed by stars with a raven looking over him. In this world, there was no more pain, no more beatings. The reality was only a fairytale now. In this new world, Naruto gets to experience the one thing he never truly had... but how long can this reality go for until it shatters? 

Hello :D Another SasuNaru fic! This isn't on FF yet, but I decided to post this on here instead. This fanfic will be short, roughly 5 to 6 chapters. So I'll try to update everyday? Who knows! Show some love and leave a rainbow, please :). 

A Painful Reality
The last thing I remembered was the light…
The blonde stirred restlessly in his sleep. Every inch – every microfiber – of his body cried out in pain at the simplest of movements. The twitch of a finger sent flames erupting throughout his body. Even trying to move his cracked and bleeding lips were a burden.
If I could just die right now…
He felt that silver, bloodstained, link to Death quietly coax him on to the afterlife. He was so close… He could feel something tug and tug for him, to join him on the other side where there was such a thing as paradise.
Another shot of pain…
The wind whistled through the trees, and the clouds began to roll across the sky, hiding the waxing moon from sight. The stars were darkened, and their reassuring lights were shadowed by clouds of despair and misery.
I’m so close…
Footsteps crinkled against the grass. One by one, the raven stalked its prey. He was drawn in by the heart-wrenching sobs in the middle of the forest. Some strange feeling, something he knew very well but never wished to acknowledge, drove him forward to the crumpled and beaten body of the boy.
The last sob literally ripped a heartstring.
Hesitantly, the raven crouched down in front of the blonde. Before he could stop himself, his hand was already reaching out to stroke those golden locks that shone so brightly in the dark from the boy's face. When skin touched bruised and bloodied skin, his hand instantly snapped back at the inhumane shriek that escaped the blonde’s lips.
The raven’s eyebrows shot to his hairline. Obviously the blonde was sensitive to touch, that much was for sure. The only question that hung in the air around the raven was why?
As the clouds rolled by, the moonlight skimmed across the blonde’s face, giving the raven a better view of all the cuts, bruises, gashes, and marks that marred the boy’s face. His heart lurched, and his stomach tied into knots at the pure expression of pain embedded in the boy’s features.
I can’t leave him out here. He thought as he sat on his haunches, allowing the boy’s wails to cease and his body to stop jerking before he made his move. After about several minutes, the boy’s cries turned into whimpers and the only movement the blonde was giving out was the gentle – yet somewhat labored – rise and fall of his chest.
Sighing to himself, the raven wondered why in the world he was allowing such a thing as compassion and pity to overwhelm his senses as he scooped the blonde up into his arms. He was surprised to feel how underweight he was; as light as a feather.
He picked up a running pace as he trudged through the grass, determined to find out just what was it about the blonde that allowed such feeble emotions to buzz through his body like this.
+Painful Reality+
The next thing I remembered was voices…
“Sasuke… what are you thinking bringing this human here?”
“He’s not just any human.”
“Is he a mundane then?”
“He’s neither.”
“So you brought home a street rat?”
Naruto pulled a pillow over his ears to drown out the noise. He was too tired to realize the voices were completely alien to him and that the older one was completely bashing him on the spot. He pulled the covers closer to his body, relishing in the foreign warmth that he could only dream about for years.
It was so strange… this warmth and those voices surrounding him. It was even stranger when he felt fingers dancing through his hair, massaging his scalp to, hopefully, bring him pleasure rather than pain.
What a dream…
If he could, Naruto would stay in the blissful world his thriving subconscious always dreamed as reality. He’d never open his eyes again if it meant he could truly being ignorantly happy.
“Don’t touch him, Sasuke. He could have a disease.”
“Itachi, don’t you have to go fuck Hidan or something?” the younger raven scowled at his older brother leaning against the doorframe. Itachi was always such a moody bitch after a long mission away from home – and his boyfriend, Hidan.
Smirking, Itachi redid his ponytail so that it rested nicely on his left shoulder. “I have already met up with Hidan.” He smiled coyly, “The boy is a beast after three weeks without sex.”
“Go away, Itachi.” Sasuke bit out, nearly chucking a pillow at his retreating brother. One day, that sort of attitude was going to get Itachi killed either by Sasuke himself, or some rogue ninja with temper problems.
Sighing a huge breath of relief once he was left alone with the blonde, Sasuke took his time to study his face. The boy was obviously not a human that much was for sure since his face was scarred with intricate whisker-like tattoos. Perhaps he is a descendant of Kyuubi?  He thought as he leaned in closer, grimacing at all the dried blood stains he wasn’t able to wipe off.
No, he finally answered himself, pulling and leaning back into his chair, a descendent of Kyuubi has an amazing regenerating rate. His wounds would have been healed by now. So… what in the world is he?
Just as his last thought finished the blonde stirred in his sleep to release a cute little yawn. Sasuke chuckled despite himself. The whatever-it-was was sort of cute in its way, he supposed.
Naruto yawned once more, rubbing the sleep away from his eyes. His mind though, was still clouded by the heavy fog of sleep and lethargic movements until his dazed, blue eyes landed on amused, onyx ones.
The blonde shrieked like a mother fucking banshee out from the deep.
“W-What?!” Naruto shifted his head left and right. This wasn’t his small, almost closet-like, room he was forced to sleep in every night with the chipping paint on the walls and the dirtied carpets. The warm blankets that covered his waist downwards weren’t the old, tattered ones he kept as the tangible link to his parents.
And the person currently raising his eyebrow towards him was most definitely not his bastard of an uncle.
The raven cocked an eyebrow, not feeling the least bit phased by such an outburst. Instead, he allowed the boy to get adapt to his surroundings and waited to see how he would react to being placed in a new environment. You could say that Sasuke was treating Naruto as a science experiment, but then again, the blonde was an intriguing specimen to the raven.
“Don’t scream,” Sasuke softly commanded, “you’ll give yourself a headache that way.”
Naruto merely blinked in utter stupidity. Who the hell was this guy? And why in the world did he care about Naruto’s welfare? Slowly, the blonde’s defensive wall start to crack brick by brick, but he was still a little weary of the stranger in front of him.
Trying to readjust himself, Naruto winced slightly at the dull, pin-like, shots of pain that danced along his stomach, his arms, his legs, and his neck area.
The pain was a reminder that these few moments of blissful peace were going to end all too soon.
“W-Where is Uncle?” Naruto fidgeted silently, not even daring to stare the raven in the eye. His hands started to twirl and tug at the blanket wrapped around his legs due to the nervousness running through his veins.
Now it was the raven’s turn to be confused. He was still trying to figure out what in the world this boy was, only to come up empty when none of the characteristics matched up with any of the creatures and higher beings his vast knowledge knew of.
Sasuke merely shrugged, “I don’t know of any ‘Uncle’ here. If you’re looking for him, he’s nowhere to be found.”
The raven was stunned to see a small smile of relief grace the blonde’s features.
“Oh,” Naruto said quietly.
“You seem to be alright if you have the ability to scream like that.”  Sasuke crossed his ankles and started to toy with the ANBU mask in his hands. “So you must tell me…” he placed the mask on his face and cocked his head to the side, “what in the world are you?”
The next thing I remembered was the cold steeliness of his voice…
Naruto flinched at the tone. He was used to people calling him a monster, a freak, a waste of space, but never had someone ever blatantly come out and ask him what he was like he wasn’t even a human being to begin with. The blonde would not cry though, he couldn’t cry when there would never be anyone there to wipe those tears away.
Instead, Naruto gritted his teeth so hard he thought they were going to snap, and clenched his fists around the blankets. He met he raven’s covered eyes with a heavy gaze that he had mastered and defined over the years to obtain the effect of indifference.
“You’re one hell of a bastard.”
Naruto couldn’t see it, but the raven was smirking behind his mask. He found the blonde’s wavering emotions somewhat cute. Just a second ago he was playing the shy little fox. Now he’s cursing to my face. What a strange creature, indeed.
“I’ve been called many things before,” Sasuke removed the mask off of his face to show off his devilish smile, “but never have I been called a bastard.”
Naruto scowled. Sure, this guy had saved his life – for whatever reason was beyond the blonde’s capable thinking – but his prick-like ways were most definitely a turn off. Scoffing, the blonde turned his nose upwards in the opposite direction, refusing to make eye contact with the raven, but still mumbling a weak ‘thank you’ anyways.
Sasuke merely nodded and decided to tackle phase two of his interrogation. Relaxing his body, the raven instantly gathered a nonchalant air around himself in hopes it would ease the blonde long enough to get some reasonable answers from him.
“So, I’m presuming you have a name?”
Naruto scowl deepened. Was this guy for real? Shaking his head, the blonde propped himself up on his elbows and stared straight back at the stoic raven. “Of course I have a name.”  He replied haughtily with his bottom lip jutting out in a pout.
Sasuke raised an amused eyebrow. “Then you won’t mind telling me your name, then.”
“Of course I’d mind, you prick!” Naruto yelled, instantly regretting it when a pang of pain rang through out his skull. His bit onto his bottom lip hoping it would drown out the pain. “Sure you saved me life and all but you’re acting like a complete bastard!”
The raven titled his head to the side and gave him a cocky smile. “Is being curious about one’s affairs make me a bastard?”
The blonde scowled. “Now you’re making it sound like I’m the bastard.”
Sasuke shrugged his shoulders and started to toy with his bangs. “I simply want an answer to my question as all.”
Naruto sighed, seeing that there was probably no way out of this interrogation. A slight blush stained his cheeks and he cleared his throat a few times, avoiding any unnecessary eye contact with the passive raven.
“It’s Naruto. Naruto Uzumaki.”
“It’s a pleasure to meet you, Naruto Uzumaki.” 

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School always get in my way >:O!
And my fanfiction updating has been a little... sparse.

Though sometimes it's hard to find the will to write v.v
Not many reviews, but blaaah, I understand people are lazy. 
Other than that I can't say the inspiration stick has smacked me over the head lately.

I have a five day weekend, though xD! Now if only my windows 7 laptop would stop acting like a dousche, then I could use it and play Sims 2!!

Anywho, yeah, that's all for me :). I just needed an excuse to update ;).

OHCRAP! FORGOT ABOUT MY SAGAXSHOU! I legit need some inspiration for that short little fic, too v.v 
15th-Aug-2011 06:40 pm - Bonds [Fic] Chapter Two
Title: Bonds
Pairing: SagaxShou (and possibly more to come)
Rating: PG-13 (for now)
Summary: Bonds are the things that tie you down to someone. They're invisible to the naked eye, but strong and very hard to break. Once you're trapped there's no escape.

A/N: Many thanks to everyone who has left me a rainbow 8D Lmfao, I love you guys so much! So I decided to write this early in the morning ;O. Now I must learn how to get my journal to look all cool and stuff... >_<! ENJOY!

Chapter Two: Unexpected
The annoying sound that could only come from a cell phone ringing far too early in the morning could be heard in Saga's room. And honestly, if Saga wasn't the type of person he was, he would have thrown the phone against the wall. But the ringtone currently blaring loud and proud was personalized. Sadly, he knew the moment the meldoic piano version of Mirror Ball he knew exactly who the caller was.

Now his befuddled mind was stuck at a crossroads: Answer the person, or just leave the call alone. A part of him just really wanted to say 'fuck it' and go back to sleep. But the more rational, and possibly kinder, side was telling him that if he didn't answer... the caller would probably raise Hell and never let him live it down. Sleep was so inviting, though... however, the side that still liked his hearing and didn't want to be bitched out today finally won. So, Saga lazily rolled to the side and blindly sought out his cellphone. When his hand met obnoxiously ringing object, he brought the cell to his ears.

"Ello?" was his tired answer.

"You freaking son of a bitch!"  And here we go...

Saga sighed, pulling the cell away from his ear so it didnt' suffer anymore damage. "Morning to you, too, Shou."

"Don't you even dare think about trying that evading shit! You know how long I've been trying to reach you all morning?"

"Probably not since I was, you know, sleeping this morning."

"That's a horrible excuse." Shou deadpanned.

Saga sighed and ran a tired hand through his bedhead and reclined against his headboard. Knowing by the ferocity in the other's voice, and that it was currently 10 A.M., Saga saw that falling back to sleep was only a fantasy now. Shou wouldn't let him go back to sleep. And it's not like he could have gone back anyways. Whenever he talked to show, he was always on full alert. He wanted to pay attention to every little detail the man made or did. Why? Saga honestly didn't know. Maybe he was always attentitive and he never noticed until now. Yeah... that was it.

"Is there something you wanted?" Saga asked as he lazily pulled himself out of bed, clad in only a pair of sweatpants that hung a little too low on his hips. 

"No, Saga. I just called you because I was bored and alone, desperately wanting to hear the sound of that sexy voice of yours." Shou's voice was laced with obvious sarcasm, but Saga thought he could hear a little bit of... truth in those words. He shook his head thoroughly as he walked down the stairs to fix some breakfast. Shou wouldn't call him just because he was lonely. There was Hiroto, Tora, and Nao for that. Saga would be the last person to call... right? 

'Right.' but he found that confirmation hard to believe.

Fixing himself a bowl of cereal, Saga cradled the phone between his shoulder and ear. "That wouldn't be the first time." he tried to sound as cocky as possible, hoping it would kill down his high expectations and hopes.

"Pfft, the last time was a fluke."

"Sure it was, Shou. I'll remember that the next time you call me whining and crying over the part where Mufasa dies."

"I was drunk then and you know it! Besides, that part was really emotional!"

"Of course it was," Saga added mindlessly, already used to their weird banter by now. Saga would say a comment, Shou would retort - probably a curse word or two thrown in there. Saga would remain cocky and stoic only long enough until he noticed he thought Shou made a cute noise, or got lost in those brown orbs... Saga shook his head furiously, directing all his attention into eating his cereal rather than his jumbled up thoughts.

"Why are you always such a bastard?" Shou muttered on the other end, before picking up his voice a little. "So! Saga! Guess what we're going to do today!"



"Why? Wait, did Hiroto get trapped in his bathroom again? Or did Nao get ambushed by another random family reunion? Or did Tora get arrested?"

"No, no, and probably." Saga could practically hear the smirk on Shou's face and shook his head, laughing a little. Realy, Tora would never get himself arrested! Hiroto... yeah, he could possibly get trapped in his bathroom. And Nao? Well, anything is possible...

"Then if we're not having practice what are we doing?" the blonde was currently washing out his bowl and spoon, drying the wet tableware off with a dry cloth before setting it on the dish rack to dry. 

"Well if you really want to know you could open your front door..."

"Why would I-Wait..." Shou ran from the kitchen, through his living room, and to the door where he turned the lock and flung it open. And there Shou stood, a goofy grin painted on his face and his cellphone held comfortably at his ear. "How long have you been standing there?" Saga asked, unaware that his eyes were scanning Shou's body from head to toe. Wait, his body? No! It was his attire he was studying! Yes... that's it. The brunette was wearing a pair of black skinny jeans that clung to all the right places a little too nicely, black combat boots, and a red v-neck. Saga tried to find some indication about what Shou had planned from how he was dressed but the man was always a mystery...

"Long enough," Shou shrugged and snapped his phone shut. "Are you going to stand there all day and gawk or let me in? By the way," he leaned in closely and ran a finger down Saga's musclar chest. The freaking gesture of it all made Saga shiver more than he'd like to admit. "You have a very nice set of abs. Work out a lot?"

Saga attempted to glare at the brunette, but it didn't get the affect he really wanted seeing as Shou chuckled him off. The bastard. Sighing, Saga smacked the offending finger from traveling any farther than necessary and shot Shou a glance. 

"You like what you see?" Wait, what? Where the hell did that come from?

Shou looked slightly taken aback by how... flirty? No, that's not the word for it... was, Saga was actually playing along to his banter. That was weird...

"Um... Yeah... It's nice." Shou stuttered, feeling an annoying blush creep up his neck.

Saga leaned back against the doorframe, a cocky smirk in place as he watched the brunette turn red. It was kind of... adorable. 'Adorable? Did I seriously just think that...' Saga mentally groaned in frustration towards the direction his thoughts were heading. Since when in the world did he ever associate Shou with the world adorable

'You've always have... You just don't like to admit it.' a voice sneered in his head. Saga stomped on that imaginary voice until he was content that it would never speak again.

"Soo..." Shou rocked back and forth on his heels, his eyes shining with expectancy. "Are you going to let me in or what?"

Saga stared at him for a few moments, mentally debating on the pros and cons of letting his friend in, before sighing and stepping to the side.

"Yeah, sure, make yourself at home."

Saga would come to regret those words.
"You have so much plaid..." Shou muttered as he went through the articles of clothing stashed in Saga's closet. The blonde was sitting cross-legged on his bed, a scowl marred on his face as he watched the blonde yank a shirt or a pair of pants out of his cloest every once in a while, only to throw them to the ground and start his search again.

'Why did I tell him to make himself at home? No. Better question: why did I let him in at all?' Once again it seemed that Saga had found himself being swept by the flood named Shou, and he was berating every second he never grew a backbone and told the man to get out. Or better yet, to stop messing up his closet. He had just organized all of that yesterday! 'Like hell he's leaving without putting them all back.'

"Ah! This looks okay!"

"And who gave you permission to just rummage through my closet?" Saga glared at the man's back, hoping to see holes appear along with some smoke, but sadly all he got was Shou shoothing him a sideways glance before returning back to the closet.

"You did, if I remember correctly you did say to make myself at home. So that's what I'm doing." he shrugged his shoulders carelessly as he examined a pair of white skinny jeans and nodded his head in approving. "Here, wear this too." he tossed the pair of pants along with the long sleeve black shirt towards the bassist. Shou spun around on his heel and placed two hands on his hips, cocking his head to the side. "I do hope you can find some shoes to go along with that as well?"

"I think I can handle that..." Saga muttered and went over to his shoe rack Nao had bought for him for Christmas. The man was so adamant on fixing Saga's "dirty habits" of leaving his shoes under the bed. Saga liked the way he could just bend down, grab, and go (no sexual pun intended). Though he had to admit there were a few times he came out of the house wearing two different pair of shoes but... that's Life!

Choosing to go with a pair of black combat boots himself, he slipped the shoe on one foot at a time, laced them up, then stared at the singer who was giving him a rather... weird look.

"What?" he asked, trying to hide his curiosity with a dash of annoyance.

But Shou just stared at him for a few more seconds before breaking out of his spell. "Nothing!" he piped up, goofy grin proudly placed on his face. He walked over to Saga and grabbed the man by the arm, dragging him towards the front door. "I just realized we have to catch the train soon!"

"Wait, stop dragging me! Why the hell do we need to catch the train?" Shou asked, trying to wriggle out of Shou's grasp but damn that man was strong... "Where exactly are we going?"

"You know you ask a lot of questions..."


Shou giggled and turned around, a wide smile on his face as they stepped into the newly transformed world of Autumn. "We're going shopping, duh!"
"What about this?"


"Alright... then... umph... this?"

"... No."

"Damn it! Okay, next one! Do you like this?"


"Fuck you, bastard!" Shou threw the shirt towards the smirking blonde's face and jammed a finger right at the area between Saga's eyes. "I'm trying to be serious here! Is the only word you're capable of uttering 'No'?"

"...No?" Saga's smirk was as wide as all get out as he watched the brunette groan and trash about how childish of a person Saga was. 'Coming from the guy currently throwing a temper tantrum.' he thought idly as he stared at his friend attempting to make the decision all by himself. "If you wanted someone to give you an opinon you should have brought Tora or Hiroto along with you."

"No and no." Shou answered automatically as he zipped on his own pants and went to hang up the clothing he didn't want to buy. "Tora was being a bastard the last time I brought him and I literally got nowhere because he didn't help me at all. And Hiroto never stopped whining about how long I was taking. Besides, those two are probably fucking each other's brains out as we speak."

"They're together?" Shou asked, though he already knew the answer.

Shou shot him a look like: 'Are you seroius' before walking out of the dressing room with Saga behind him. "Don't act like you didn't know. It's soo obvious! Let me guess, they told you not to tell, right?"

"No, I don't really think they would care if I did or not. Just that I walked in on them last time and..." Saga shivered, remembering walking in on a rather provocative the position the two were in when he had walked in.

Shou chuckled. "It turned you on that much, huh?"

Saga scoffed and knocked Shou on the back of the head playfully. "Baka, it did no such thing!" though he never told the brunette about certain dreams he had afterwards invovling certain people... But that was only because the man was in denial, and nothing more. "Now hurry up and pay for your shit so we can go."

"Ouch... Bastard!" Shou rubbed the back of his head and shot Saga a pout. "What if I get a bump from that! Or loose brain cells?

"Then you'll have one less brain cell than you already have." Saga deadpanned. When the only thing he got from Shou was another pout, Saga cocked an eyebrow. "What? You want me to kiss it and make it better?"

"Yes, actually that'd be great!"

This time, Saga was caught off guard by how... okay Shou was with such display of... affections? God, Saga was connecting the wrong dots here! Shaking his head furiously, he was getting rather unwanted thoughts at the moment, Saga pushed the brunette towards the cash register.

"Just pay for your stuff already!"
The ride back to Saga's apartment was shared in silence, just the way Saga liked his train rides. That way he got to here everything, like his own personal concert. He closed his eyes in content as he listened to the sound of the train racing along the tracks, the soft (and sometimes loud) voices of people talking around him, and the rather close sound of Shou's breath...

Wait, what?

Saga snapped his eyes opened in alarm. Shou was pressing against chest a little too close for comfort, and at that moment Saga wanted to do numerous of things. But he was torn between ripping the brunette of his chest or... 'No, I'm not even going to think about the other option.'  More than he should, Saga felt like the breathing space around him was growing smaller and smaller. He was becomign way too aware of Shou's presence. The way he smelled. The way his body molded with his. The way his brown hair always seem to fall into his eyes...

The blonde gulped, commanding his arms to stay where they were and not wrap around the brunette. He had more control than this, damn it! Hadn't all these years staying single, staying away from love, taught him nothing? It seemed like all those years of being, as Shou had put it, 'asexual' were flowing down the crapper... and fast.

Then, Saga did the most idiotic thing in the world...

He stared directly into Shou's eyes.

He had almost lost it right there and then. Almost.

Shou chuckled weakly, watching the skittering emotions play across Saga's face. "Sorry about this... It's really crowded this afternoon. I'll move soon."

Somehow... Saga didn't think he ever wanted Shou to move from that spot for a very long time.

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